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Red Cow Media are a multi-award winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester City Centre. Our services include SEO, Google Shopping, Google Ads, Social Media & Retargeting. Proud to be recognised Google, Shopify, Facebook & AdRoll Partners.

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As the digital marketing agency behind some of the UK’s best known brands, Red Cow Media are trusted with growing the online presence of companies on an international scale via SEO, PPC, Social Media and Retargeting. Through years of experience, we have developed a unique approach to marketing that truly sets us apart from other agencies, and has seen us win a plethora of industry awards. From our offices in the centre of Manchester, we create custom digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to each individual client and specifically aligned to their overall business goals. We can run Manchester SEO campaigns or international SEO campaigns. With an eye always on the bottom line, our focus on delivery and our strategic, numbers-led approach is second to none. Our reputation as a digital agency was initially built on our SEO Manchester offering and we soon grew to running national and international campaigns for brands because of the results we had achieved. Since then we have acquired the industries best talent in other areas from PPC to Social Media and Retargeting to complement our initial SEO success so that our full digital marketing offering remains just as strong no matter what the channel. Our aim as a digital agency is to give clients the best service they have received when compared with any other agency.

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Having started life as an SEO agency in Manchester, Red Cow Media are truly specialists in the intricacies of this often misunderstood form of digital marketing. The team at Red Cow are rigorously trained to instil a thorough grasp of every aspect of SEO from the highest level down to it’s most technical form. Drawing on the expertise of the agency’s founders, our unique SEO training and development program is delivered to staff regardless of their experience level so that we can guarantee that we deliver the best SEO Manchester has to offer.

When we first speak to clients, even marketing managers for large international businesses, they often comment on how they don’t understand SEO properly or how to measure its success. One of our main focuses within SEO is to ensure that we not only get results but educate on how to fully digest the statistics and information. In turn this then enables us to have more freedom with the work we want to do. This is what our reputation was built on when we originally started as a Manchester SEO agency – transparency, passion and knowledge.

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We offer a wide range of services to clients, ranging from organic search (SEO) and social media to paid forms such as PPC, retargeting and Google Shopping. As we know it is vitally important to ensure conversion rates are as high as they can be, we also place a big emphasis on conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

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  • How can digital marketing help my business?
  • Digital marketing has rapidly replaced traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail, telesales, billboard advertising, leaflets/flyers and radio in the last 10 years. The major benefit of digital marketing is everything is trackable, you can tell from what source every enquiry or sale has come from, whether it was SEO, Facebook, Instagram or a direct visitor to your website.

    The availability of granular information alongside this such as how long a person has spent on your site, how many pages they viewed, whether it is their first or 2nd time visiting and exactly where they live in the country means there is no competition between traditional marketing methods and digital marketing.

    As a digital agency, we run campaigns for you based on a number of difference outcomes, you could be looking to increase sales or you might be wanting to improve brand awareness. Every campaign is run independently according to the channel that suites it best. For example, you may wish to generate sales in the long term at a much lower cost per acquisition, in this scenario SEO would be your best option. In another example, you may wish to get rapid brand awareness in a specific area such as Manchester – this would lend itself more towards Facebook advertising.

    Digital marketing can help your business grow rapidly when done right and be fully trackable so that every penny spent is accounted for.

  • Is there a minimum budget/starting price?
  • As a digital agency, there is no minimum budget required as every campaign is different. That said, we will be up front with you about whether you can realistically achieve results if your budget is too small and will quite often simply say we can’t work on the account as we won’t be able to guarantee results. The major influences when it comes to budget are around competition in a sector, timescale and how much previous work has been done.

    The highest competition sectors nationally within SEO are insurance, gambling, medical negligence and fashion. If you are in one of these sectors then you will need to have a higher budget than if you were just looking to rank locally in Manchester for the term SEO Manchester. If your website has had previous SEO work done on it then in all likelihood you will have some authority already and will have a head start over a site that is brand new. Rather than reducing price though, this will only mean that you start seeing results quicker.

    Our paid services such as social media advertising and PPC do have a minimum spend if they are being done independently rather than alongside an SEO campaign.

  • How much do your digital marketing packages cost?
  • We do not work off packages and would openly say that any digital agency that does should be avoided. As mentioned in the previous answer, there are many factors that contribute towards the price of a campaign from competition and sector through to age of website and scope of the campaign. Our SEO campaigns are based off of a day rate, and we will recommend a set number of days work per month based on our findings to achieve results in a set period of time (3-6 months as standard).

    Paid campaigns are charged at a percentage of monthly spend, there may also be a setup fee payable dependent upon whether the account, tracking and campaigns are already set up. Dependent upon level of spend there are sometimes additional charges for advert creation.

  • My business is in London, Red Cow are based in Manchester. Does this matter?
  • Absolutely not, we work with a variety of businesses not only just around the UK, but globally. We work with businesses based in Germany, Portugal, Australia, USA and China and successfully deliver results through the use of regular emails and phone calls – this is one of he major advantages of a digital marketing agency, everything can be communicated via computer. We do like to have face to face meetings whenever we can and regularly visit clients in London, Newcastle and Manchester – this can however ben harder with a client based in China or the USA.

  • Is there a long-term commitment for your services?
  • We try to keep contract lengths as short and possible and include break clauses to help put client’s minds at ease. We are confident enough in our ability to not tie people in to contracts any longer than 6 months, often only 3 months. There are exceptions and they are in very high competition sectors where we will be honest with clients and say that given how far behind competitors they are, it may take a year to be able to catch them up.

    Even in circumstances such as those though, we will get results far earlier as our SEO campaigns are based on targeting longer tail keywords alongside the high search volume short tail keywords, this gets you highly qualified traffic in much earlier on.

    For paid campaigns, normally we simply have a one month notice period with no minimum contract length.

  • How often should I update my website?
  • This depends very much upon the type of website you have, for example, a news/magazine style site should be updated multiple times per day where as a serviced based website may not need to be updated for months at a time. The golden rule is just to ensure that nothing is out of date. If you are making reference to recent events or statistics in your content that mention “2017” then you will want to make sure you update this annually to be as up to date as possible for 2019 or 2020.

    ‘Evergreen content’ is the ideal type of content for your website, this content that never goes out of date, it is informative, it explains a process and won’t need updating frequently, the opposite to this would be a breaking news article that may need to be updated minutes or hours later. Google has a very sophisticated algorithm that recognises the type of content you have on your site compared to others that are like it – therefore you need to keep an eye on what your main competitors are doing and at the very least mirror it, if not better it. Of course this is easier said than done depending on the resources you have available, this is why as part of our SEO retainer we will as a minimum write weekly long tail keyword optimised blog posts for your site to assist with content turnover.

  • Can you create content for my website?
  • Yes, we have in-house content writers who specialise in a variety of different fields from law to commercial property, fashion, manufacturing and health. Our copywriters are trained to be able to write about any subject, they will research a field, speak to the client and then produce high quality content. The most important element of content writing is understanding what Google wants to see in that content, how it needs to be structured, what kinds of keyword mentions it needs, the length, the internal linking and so on.

    There is no secret to the content writing itself, there are many people who can write good content but the difference with a digital agency is that they know how to use it to it’s maximum capacity and in turn increase a sites rankings.

  • What is the expected Return-on-Investment (ROI) for digital marketing?
  • As with many other areas of digital marketing, this is very much dependent upon the sector you are in and the service that you are using. As a digital agency we will suggest what we feel offers you the best chance of achieving the highest ROI, and we won’t stop there, we will continue to test different methods until we get the best performance possible. Going back to the earlier example, if you were looking to rank for SEO Manchester, SEO would in all likelihood give you the best return on investment, on average for a service based keyword we would say this could be anywhere from 15x to 35x. Our record for a client is 972x in the manufacturing/industrial sector.

    On paid social media, you can expect anywhere from a 5x to 15x ROI, on the whole this is much lower than SEO but does give you more instantaneous results. Retargeting typically comes in at around 20x – 30x (we have had as high as 100x with Gymshark) but this is largely down to the fact that you are targeting visitors who have previously been on your site. Retargeting only work well when you are constantly feeding fresh, qualified customers in to your user pool from other sources such as SEO, Facebook, Instagram or PPC.

  • What is PPC in digital marketing?
  • PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and is a form of paid advertising where a customers pays when somebody clicks on their advert. The most common form is via Google Ads, the top 3 or 4 results that come up when you do a search on Google are Google Ads, these are PPC adverts appearing because they have been optimised for the keyword you have searched for. Google Ads work well in generating instantaneous traffic to your website and getting sales in early on.

    The downside to Google Ads is the cost as well as the fact that one you stop paying, your site disappears completely (this is where the big advantage of SEO is). Competition is so high on Google now, with so many companies bidding on keywords that in many sectors it is simply not feasibly to actually make any kind of good profit. If you are paying £45 per click in the insurance industry, you need to be making a serious profit on a sale for it to be viable and as many people tend to use brands they have heard of, this can lead to a big loss for many smaller companies looking to try it out. PPC is certainly still viable but it is advisable to be very carefully and thoroughly research a sector before starting a campaign.

  • Why do I need SEO?
  • SEO is essential to the longevity of a business. It may take the longest to get going and start generating traffic/sales/enquiries but when it does it gives you real long-term stability. As mentioned in the PPC section, when you stop paying Google for ads, your site disappears completely, with SEO even if you stop doing SEO you will in all likelihood still appear on the first page for months afterwards, potentially even years. It very much depends on the competition in the sector and how many other sites have active SEO campaigns going.

    If you are looking for the highest possible ROI, to get sustainable, qualified traffic to your website and don’t need instant sales then SEO is a no-brainer.

  • How long does it take to see SEO results?
  • This is something we are always very honest with clients about when we start up an SEO campaign, the first 3 months can be written off if a site is brand new and hasn’t had work done it before, it will be closer to 6 months before generating good results and a higher ROI. In some circumstances it can even take up to 1 year.

    There is nothing worse from our perspective than starting up an SEO campaign, a client saying that they are aware it will take 3-6 months to achieve results and then after 1-2 months start getting emails about how they haven’t received any sales and want to stop. It is for this reason that we are so up front as we aren’t interested in working with a client who act in this way.

  • What is local SEO?
  • SEO is categorised in to 3 main types, local, national, international. An example of a local SEO campaign keyword would be something along the lines of SEO Manchester, Digital Agency Manchester or Digital Marketing Agency Manchester. The national version of these keywords would be SEO Agency, Digital Marketing Agency or Digital Agency – these will have higher search volumes but be far more competitive than the local terms.

    International SEO is then looking at ranking for keywords like SEO Agency or Digital Agency in America, Australia, Canada or in fact any other country. English speaking international countries are much cheaper to optimise for than non-English speaking due to no translation being needed on either content or link building work.

  • Why hire a digital agency?
  • There are three main reasons to hire a digital agency for your project, namely:

    • Expertise – It is widely known that digital agencies have to work harder to keep a client happy than an employee would have to do to keep their employer happy, add to that the competition level amongst agencies and you are sure to get better value for money with an agency than hiring an in-house employee. As a bi-product of this agencies always tend to be ahead of the curve in terms of developments within the field – they need to be on top of the latest changes (and upcoming changes) to ensure that they stay ahead of other agencies. This is something in particular that we pride ourselves on at Red Cow Media.
    • Outsourcing – Sometimes there is just too much work to do for the amount of resource at your disposal, this is when companies will often outsource elements of the job to agencies, it may be running the social media channels, building links, writing content or doing keyword research. A digital agency such as ourselves is always on hand to help out in these situations.
    • Results – This is similar to the first point on expertise, a digital agency can easily be held accountable for their performance and must perform well to retain the client. Many companies (including Red Bull) have recently announced that they are moving all of their digital work from in-house to agencies as results dipped after they got rid of the agencies previously. This illustrates the drive, determination and work ethic you get when you hire a digital agency.