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Red Cow Media offers a variety of different Website SEO audits to suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a brief overview, a professional website SEO audit or an impartial expert audit to use as part of a legal case, we can offer a solution.

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Website SEO Audits Insight Analysis

Around 68% of all online browsing experiences begin with a search engine, with a further 53% of website traffic coming from organic search results. If your website isn’t performing optimally or there are errors on your website, then your business will miss out on this traffic as a result. This is where our website SEO audits come in. It’s important to have a good SEO strategy which includes many different aspects, such as your on and off page SEO, mobile optimisation and technical SEO and, if any of these aspects isn’t working for your business, a website SEO audit can provide an in-depth analysis of your website and highlight areas for improvement. 

With our website SEO audits, our team will carry out the process of evaluating your website to see how it is performing across search engines. If your business is looking for ways in which it can outperform your competitors, you are looking for additional opportunities within your business or simply want to create a better customer experience, our website SEO audits can help with this. 

What Is A Website SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is the process of reviewing and examining how well your website is optimised for professional SEO success. Essentially, we will be able to advise on everything that is needed on the site and areas that require improvement. From carrying out these website SEO audits, we can create detailed and measurable steps as to how your website can improve its performance by using our conclusions from the website SEO audit. 

No matter if you’ve never had a website SEO audit carried out before or simply want to get a better understanding of how your website is performing organically in terms of SEO, our team will carry out a website SEO audit to isolate errors, identify further areas of improvement, provide insight into competitor strengths and weaknesses and create a realistic plan of action for your website moving forward. 

Our comprehensive website SEO audits are carried out by our team who are experienced in conducting technical analysis and SEO audits for a number of industries and clients of all sizes. By choosing us to carry out your website SEO audit, you can rest assured that any recommendations we provide are given based on experience, evidence and expertise.

What Are Website SEO Audits Based On?

Our website SEO audits are priced based on numerous factors including:

Website Size

Our website SEO audits are priced based on our day rate and the number of hours it will take to complete. Our team conducts highly professional website SEO audits in order to feedback the most relevant results, and, if you have a scalable website with many areas to cover, it is in the best interest of your website’s success to not cut any corners. Each page of a website should be optimised for SERPs (search engine results page), especially if these pages are lead generation pages or product pages. Whether you have 100 pages or 5, an effective website SEO audit will take all elements into account.


Google Analytics & Search Console Availability

If you have a Google Analytics and Search Console account with historical data on, we will use this as part of the website SEO audit. If this is unavailable, or it hasn’t been set up correctly then we may need to leave certain sections of the SEO audit out. Checking both of these tools, dated from the inception of your website, is imperative for reviewing the activity on your website such as sessions and users, goal completions and user behaviour. We can analyse your Google Analytics and Search Console results with our website SEO audits as a way of finding out who your website users are, how they navigate your website and any areas which may highlight potential errors or areas of improvement.


Google Analytics being used for a website seo audit

Amount of Services, Products & Content 

Depending upon the type of SEO website audit you choose to have carried out, the number of content, services and content your website has will add to the length of time we will need to conduct a full, detailed and comprehensive website SEO audit, which will then be reflected in the cost. With our website SEO audits, we not only take into consideration the overall size of your website, but also how much content is on each of the page (as well as quality!) as this is a vital ranking factor and may impact your website’s performance. 


If your website is optimised locally and is only targeting local keywords for Manchester or London, for example, then a website SEO audit will identify how these keywords are performing and whether it would be beneficial to continue targeting local keywords, or whether adding in national keyword targets would result in increased traffic and sales/enquiries. 

Alternatively, if your website is optimised using national keywords, when local keyword optimisation would be better for your business, we can identify and highlight this with our SEO website audits. 

For international sites, a website SEO audit is recommended before you implement a full strategy and is a far cheaper option than going straight in with an international website with variations for different countries, languages and/or currencies which may not be correctly implemented or optimised.


Each of our website SEO audits has its own area of focus, unless you go for our ‘all-in-one’ website SEO option, which includes everything from technical to user experience, content, links, conversion rate optimisation and paid channel visibility. We can tailor each of our SEO audits to suit your needs and we can include different areas of focus 

Why Are Website SEO Audits Important?

Over the past few years, Google’s algorithm has evolved massively. It is hugely complex and there are over 300 different ranking factors which ensure that your website ranks highly. The algorithm balances both the quality of a website alongside its relevance to search queries. Getting all of these different aspects right, whilst also ensuring that your website performs well from a user experience perspective, can be a balancing act and one which is hugely tricky to get right. 

Our website SEO audits can highlight any areas of your website which may be underperforming, identify any errors on your website which may be hindering performance or ranking or just provide a general overview of your website’s health. Website SEO audits are important for a number of reasons:

Keeping Up To Date With Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly looking for ways to improve the user’s experience, and this can sometimes come at the cost of lower rankings and poor website performance, with no prior warnings. Google updates its search algorithm thousands of times a year, but luckily the biggest of updates have always been announced. 

Users should not feel intimidated by these impending updates, however, it is best practice to be prepared and ensure your website is fully optimised to be compatible with any key updates from the past or the future. If you have seen drops in organic search traffic, revenue, visibility or ROIs, it would be worth having a website SEO audit implemented to identify what elements of your site’s runnings are not compatible with Google’s preferences.

Highlighting Website Errors 

Your website needs to be completely accurate, not only to provide a great user experience, but also for Google’s crawlers to be able to reach your page and recognise its criteria for ranking relevance. 

Users are 61% more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly website, therefore if your site has not been optimised for mobile usage, then you will find a lack of organic traffic, even if your desktop performance is perfect. Simple errors like these are factors that some businesses are yet to realise the detrimental effects of. Targeting errors such as these and implementing a strategy with a resolution will result in higher rankings and better website visibility, which our website SEO audits will help to find. 

Tracking Progress

Contrary to their initial purpose, website SEO audits are invaluable resources when it comes to tracking the progress of a website. It is important to have a professional SEO website audit regularly to check the progression of a website, to highlight what implementations are needed, and also to review what changes have been the most effective. As more attention to detail is made you should see your rankings go up, organic traffic improve and conversions should also become more frequent.

Different Types Of Website SEO Audits

At Red Cow Media, we understand that each business is different. This is why we offer a range of different website SEO audits so that, no matter what information you’re looking for further insight on, we can provide it. Our website SEO audits include: 

SEO Audit

Our website SEO audit comprises of a complete breakdown of SEO elements and gives you a great indication of your site’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can formulate a plan to improve it going forward. Everything from technical SEO elements to mobile optimisation, links, content, competitor analysis, keywords and reporting is included within our website SEO audits and, upon presentation, our team can explain any points further if needed.

Technical Audit 

This website SEO audit focuses specifically on areas such as Text/HTML ratio, W3C validation, page size, load speed, server location, structured data, canonicalisation and if required, internationalisation (loading the correct version of a site depending upon the country, currency and language and reviewing hreflang attributes). Our technical SEO website audits are recommended in preparation for a new website, website expansion or if you’re branching out into other international areas. 

UX (User Experience) Audit 

Our UX website SEO audits are key when looking to increase your website’s conversion rate. Within this audit, we analyse Google Analytics data in conjunction with heat-mapping and recorded user testing (similar to a focus group). From this, we can find potential issues on your website, whether it is to do with fatal technical glitches, irrelevant visitors based on poor SEO, an untrusted site/brand or an overly complicated user journey to complete a defined conversion.

Content Audit 

Our SEO website audits analyse your content not only from an SEO perspective but also from a sales perspective. Well-written website content should make people want to enquire or purchase from your website, but also lead them to trust the site instantly. It’s also one of the easiest ways to implement your brand tone. As part of our content SEO website audits, we include content comparisons with competitors, keyword and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) analysis, keyword density statistics and recommendations on improvements that could be made. Our content audits can also include news and blog content if required.

Link Audit 

With our link SEO website audits, we analyse every aspect of your link profile including follow and no-follow ratios, overall authority compared to competitors, how authority flows through your website to sub-pages and sub-sub-pages and where any current weaknesses lie. 

Following the link SEO website audit, if we find that the link quality appears spammy or detrimental to your website, we may recommend a link disavow, which is where we go through each website backlink and manually disavow the link so that Google ignores the links going to your domain. This service is at an additional cost. We will provide a general direction for your link building efforts going forward based on our findings and further recommendations. 

Brand Presence & Visibility 

Within this SEO website audit, we take a look at your brand’s general presence across the internet. This includes social media channels, SEO, PPC, brand name mentions, whether there has been a general increase or decrease in people looking for your brand, local presence (if required) and reputation (reviews). Following this, we will formulate a plan to give you the best possible presence online and how this can be achieved moving forward. Our clients include some of the biggest UK and international brands and businesses, so our team is well-experienced in working with companies of all sizes and helping them to grow their online presence. 

All In One

The ‘All In One’ SEO website audit contains all of the above audits in one large document. This audit is hugely detailed and provides a comprehensive overview of your website on the whole. We’ll provide a detailed breakdown of which tasks need to be completed with urgency and others which can be added to a long-term website strategy. Following this type of website SEO audit, our team can provide you with website recommendations for web developers to implement, if they are in place, as well as other SEO and digital recommendations. 

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If you’d like any further information on individual website SEO audits or would like to know the price for an audit of your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via our contact form or by calling 0161 711 0888.

Website SEO Audit FAQS

  • Why Do I Need A Website SEO Audit?
  • If you want to increase your website visibility, or perhaps you have not seen any improvement in traffic or conversions for a while, it would be beneficial for a website SEO audit to be carried out. You might have recently noticed that your website rankings have dropped, or you are no longer getting as many enquiries as you once were. This is where a website SEO audit can help. With our website SEO audits, we can identify areas for improvement on your site, whilst giving you insight into how you can get your rankings up, therefore gaining better organic results. 

    The top-performing sites in all fields regularly carry out a website SEO audit to optimise their performance to the highest degree and they can help to identify any site issues that may be affecting your site’s performance. With website SEO audits, we look at things such as link profiles, goal conversions, site traffic behaviour and on-page optimisations, plus user experience and brand presence, to gather a clearer idea of what your website strengths currently are, as well as room for improvements. As well as this, we can also conduct a more technical website SEO audit if there are different areas of your site which are of concern, or that you would like to look into further, which may be affecting your website’s performance. 

    Our website SEO audits may also be useful if you are looking into implementing a long-term SEO strategy and want to know where to start, or what condition your site is currently in. From here, you can implement the right strategy to benefit your business and improve your personal business goals. 

  • How Much Does A Website SEO Audit Cost?
  • All websites are unique, and some sites may require more areas of improvement than others. As a result, the cost of a website SEO audit is dependent on your website and the information you would like to get from an audit. In order to get a more detailed site analysis of your website, it’s important to take into account all information and features. For this reason, we would recommend getting in touch with our team who can discuss your website SEO audit requirements in more detail and can provide an initial idea of costings. 

  • Do You Offer Technical Website SEO Audits?
  • Yes, we offer technical website SEO audits alongside or incorporated with our standard website SEO audits. Our technical website SEO audits are useful if you are looking for more detailed information on the technical aspects of your website and how they are performing, as well as what improvements and changes can be made. With our technical website SEO audits, we can work with developers to implement suggested changes or improvements, or if you currently don’t have a developer in place, we can provide you with advice on how to implement any suggestions. 

    Technical website SEO audits are imperative when it comes to website maintenance and analysing the technical aspects of your site. There are so many different technical factors which come into play when it comes to website performance and often, these can go unchecked or aren’t monitored regularly. If your website isn’t performing as well as it should be, or you aren’t seeing organic results, then this could be down to technical factors. To arrange a technical website SEO audit, contact us today.

  • How Long Will A Website SEO Audit Take?
  • The time in which the audit will take is dependent on how in-depth the website SEO audit is. 

    We aim to provide detailed feedback and areas for improvement with our website SEO audits and we analyse each page of your site, measure their performance and metrics whilst arranging a plan to implement moving forwards. 

    As a result, there is no specific time frame for how long a website SEO audit will take. If you require an audit within a specified time scale, then we will always aim to meet this schedule. At Red Cow Media, we would always recommend getting in touch for more accurate information as to how we can tailor our website SEO audit for your site, or for more details on pricing and time frames.

  • How Often Should An SEO Audit Be Carried Out?
  • The frequency at which a website SEO audit should be carried out is dependent on the scale of your website and your planned marketing strategy. If your website is frequently updated with more content and alterations, or you are planning on expanding and building out your website, website SEO audits should be carried out in accordance with this. Consistency is key when it comes to reviewing websites, as it  helps to monitor how the site is performing in correlation to changes made, whilst keeping the other trends in mind.

    A website SEO audit should also be considered if you are planning on branching out into international markets or are undergoing major website changes, such as a redesign or migration. This is so a benchmark of current website performance can be documented and used for comparison purposes on completion of the project. 

  • What Will A Website SEO Audit Find?
  • Website SEO audits use the process of evaluation in order to find out and determine how well your website is optimised for search engines, plus identifying errors which may be preventing your website from ranking well or highlighting opportunities which can help you secure higher ranking positions. Each website is different, so findings from our website SEO audits do vary. 

    However, typically our website SEO audits will look for things such as indexing issues, content and site duplications, core web vitals, website speed and your link profile. The purpose of our website SEO audits is to find any issues within these areas, such as incorrect redirects, sitemap issues, poor or duplicate content and mobile friendliness, as well as many others. If we find any issues during our website SEO audit, we will advise on the best way in which these issues can be resolved and can work with developers or other members of your team to get these rectified. 

  • Why Choose Red Cow Media For My Site SEO Audit?
  • Here at Red Cow Media, we want to keep things plain and simple. We understand that SEO is a new investment for some businesses and we want to ensure that, with our website SEO audits, the data is provided in a clear and concise manner. We want to remove any frustrations that can arise, and guide you through the process of what exactly we will be doing and the details our website SEO audits contain. 

    Our main priority is the level of service we provide, which means if we provide clients with a website SEO audit, they should expect all of the data provided to be as up-to-date and valuable as possible. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names, brands and businesses both in the UK and internationally and our team is experienced in working with a number of industries and sectors. You can find our clients and testimonials here