• 246x Return On Investment during Black Friday campaign
  • 27% increase in the number of users returning to complete their purchase
  • 33x Return On Investment on average for ongoing campaign
  • 37% increase in organic traffic to the website
  • 28% increase in referral traffic to the website


Gymshark are now a billion pound international fitness clothing retailer. Well recognised for their accolade as the fastest growing company in the UK, the brand is followed by over 3 million people across their social media profiles, and has amassed a cult following amongst gym goers and fitness enthusiasts thanks to their bold styles and focus on quality.

The Brief

As Gymshark are predominantly an online retailer with only a small number of actual stores, they have a huge focus on their website. We first began working with Gymshark when they didn’t yet have such an expansive in house team. Due to our reputation for developing and executing highly successful retargeting strategies, we were approached to put a plan together for their website using a combination of web and social media retargeting. The initial brief was to increase conversions on the website, and increase the number of users who returned to complete their purchase after leaving the site. The brief then expanded to include targeted outreach to acquire links to the website that had two purposes – to drive referral traffic, and to increase the overall authority of the website.

Initially, we put a retargeting plan in place using the AdRoll platform with clearly defined user segments for targeting. This saw an almost immediate uplift in the number of users who returned to make a purchase after leaving the site, especially from those within the abandoned cart user segment. As Gymshark are a premium brand, users were enticed back through the use of distinctive creative and messaging rather than through the use of discount codes etc. We were targeted to achieve a return on investment of 50x spend during their Black Friday sale, and this target was surpassed by 11am on the first day of the sale, with the eventual ROI figure for Black Friday weekend sitting at 246x spend. The SEO outreach campaign generated a significant uplift in authority for the website, with an overall 37% increase in organic traffic to the site as a result, and a 28% increase in referral traffic.