Content Translation

Content & Website Translation Services

If your business is already successful in the country you started up in, you may be considering taking the next steps toward building a multinational, global brand. For businesses that rely on their website for sales or enquiries, branching out into other countries with different languages can present a number of potential problems, particularly when it comes to your marketing. To give your business the best possible chance of succeeding in another country, it is essential to ensure that not only all on site material is translated in to the most appropriate language but also all marketing channels are serving up content in that language as well (an area often overlooked by people focusing on website translation services).

Customer Touch Points

There are a variety of different ways in which a customer could first come across your company, it may be a social media post, a search on Google (via multilingual SEO), a PPC advert or a press release. To stand a real chance in engaging a customer from another country they must first understand the content you are pushing out. All of these channels need to be taken in to account when translating, along with your main asset, the website itself.

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Weigh Up The Size Of The Project

The cost of a project is directly related to the amount of content that needs translating. Before you progress to the stage of obtaining a quote, get a good idea of the amount you will require as we base our prices on the word count. Take into account all words including menus, promotional boxes, product information, delivery information, privacy policy etc…as these require translation for the site to function as it would do in its original host language.

Once you have decided upon the language(s) you wish to use our website translation services for and you have a rough word count please submit an enquiry and we’ll get back to you with a cost. As an added service, we also offer keyword research and on-page SEO (including page titles & meta descriptions) translations, this then moves towards an internationalisation project where it may be cheaper to do the whole thing rather than just the translations.

Most Popular Translations (E-Commerce)

The most common requests we get for language translation for e-commerce websites (particularly in the fashion sector) are:

  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch

The internet has helped companies reach customers around the world with very little expense and effort required (compared to previous times), use it to its full potential and grow your business using our content translation services and internationalisation packages.