Social Media Agency

We are a search marketing company based in the heart of our beloved City of Manchester. Our Social Media department specialises in both paid advertising and organic growth for social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Social Media

Since the birth of social media, the face of advertising has changed forever. The ways in which brands and businesses interact with their customers in a constantly accessible world has meant a plethora of new challenges, but, more importantly, a wealth of new opportunities. Potential customers now consume information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and through strategic use of social media marketing and social media advertising, your business now has the power to acquire new customers like never before.

As a social media agency in Manchester, we have the knowledge and experience to empower you to achieve your business objectives using social media. With an in depth understanding of each channel and it’s uses in a business context, some members of our team have been working on social media advertising platforms since they first launched. Whether you’re looking to generate leads or drive direct sales, we will tailor a social media strategy to suit you, carefully matching the correct channel to the nature of your business, your target audience and your overall aims to produce the best possible results.

Social Media Management

Whilst nobody knows your business like you do, social media management can be a time consuming and sometimes arduous task, which is why it’s often easier and more productive to outsource the management to an agency. We ensure a seamless transition of your social media management from internal to agency, ensuring that we capture your brand in its entirety through strict adherence to your preferred tone of voice and brand guidelines.

Our process is to first spend some time researching your sector, competitors and target audiences, before getting to know you as much as possible. Once you’re comfortable that we fully comprehend what makes you tick, we can then take over content creation, posting and engagement with your social media following on your behalf.

Social Media Advertising

Due to the social nature of the Facebook for Business platform, the information it gathers about it’s users is truly phenomenal. As far as advertising is concerned, the detail of information that Facebook and it’s networks, including Instagram, has about its users and your potential customers makes it impossible not to consider as a viable spend for your marketing budget.

Contrary to other forms of paid advertising, such as PPC, social media advertising is based on demographics such as interests, geographical location, purchasing behaviours and even life events. This makes the targeting for social media advertising, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, virtually unrivalled in it’s accuracy and ability to really ensure your business gets in front of the right people at the right time.

The Facebook for Business advertising platform has really advanced in recent years, bringing multiple advertising objective options, as well as numerous advert formats, meaning there are more ways than ever to tailor your social media advertising to be as specific and relevant as possible. With a carefully thought out strategy, social media advertising via a social media agency can result in significant returns on your investment through increased sales or enquiries. Our social media marketing and social media advertising services include: