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We’re Red Cow Media, an award-winning social media agency in Manchester. Our team of social media specialists are experienced in both paid advertising and organic social media growth for a range of social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. Find out more about our social media agency in Manchester below!

The Importance Of Social Media

When you want to reach new audiences, launch a new product or advertise a highly sought-after service, one of the first ports of call is social media advertising. In today’s new digital world, organic reach is becoming harder and harder to achieve single-handedly and the days of being solely dependent on this are, sadly, long gone. 

We understand that it can be daunting to see your business move from wholly organic success to relying on social media advertising, which is why our social media agency in Manchester is focused on your ROAS. It’s important to understand all the options you have at your disposal with social media advertising and that’s where we come in. We help you to achieve real business results, all whilst maximising your return on investment and, as a social media agency in Manchester, that’s what we specialise in.

Since the birth of social media, the face of advertising has been changed forever. There are almost endless ways in which businesses and brands can interact with their customer base and, in a new, constantly accessible world, this comes with its own challenges, as well as a wealth of exciting new opportunities. Customers now consume information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and through the use of strategic social media marketing and advertising, your business now has the ability to acquire new customers like never before. 

As a social media agency in Manchester, we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your business goals with social media marketing and advertising. With an in-depth understanding of each social channel and how best to use it in a business context, some members of our social media agency in Manchester team have been working on certain social media advertising platforms since their inception. Whether you’re looking to generate leads or increase direct sales, our social media agency in Manchester will tailor a social media marketing strategy to suit you and give you the best possible results.

Different Types of Advertising With a Social Media Agency in Manchester

Advertising on social media platforms is a sure way to reach the audience you want, whether you want to target new customers or entice your existing customer base to make repeat purchases. Our social media agency in Manchester are highly experienced in advertising across multiple platforms and tailoring each of your advertising campaigns to suit these individual channels. 

All of the major social media networks use advertising, however, their options differ slightly in terms of what they offer and how best to get a return on your investment. Unlike other agencies, here at our social media agency in Manchester, we understand that just because each platform offers different advertising options, that doesn’t mean you should use them all. Each platform offers different advantages, as well as disadvantages, which could impact on what is important – your ROAS. 

When you come to us in regards to starting your social media advertising campaigns, we’ll discuss with you what it is you want to achieve and carry out some audience and competitor research so that we know what networks your target audience is more likely to connect with. We’ll look at where they are more engaged, on what channels they are most concentrated and where they are most accessible. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of the most popular social media advertising platforms: 

Facebook Advertising 

Facebook ads are typically condensed into three types of campaigns – Awareness, which helps to increase reach and build brand awareness, Consideration, which sends traffic to your website, generates leads and increases engagement and Conversion, where the focus is on increasing the number of purchases. Facebook is a good platform to advertise on, for both lead-generation and ecommerce clients, as it is a platform that is popular across a number of different demographics, with numerous audiences in which your business can target.  

There are around 2.45 billion average monthly users on Facebook, so there is plenty of opportunities for you to target the right audience. With Facebook ads, you get to use their highly detailed targeting options to ensure that your ads are reaching people who are likely to convert and, with a mixture of video and image ads across numerous different areas of the site, there are numerous different options, which the team at our social media agency in Manchester can offer. 

Instagram Advertising 

Facebook owns Instagram, so it isn’t surprising that the two advertising platforms go hand in hand with one another. One of the most important things to note about Instagram advertising is that it typically reaches a much younger audience, so if your brand or business is one that appeals to a younger audience, then our social media agency in Manchester can help you with this. 

Just like Facebook, with Instagram you can target who your ads reach with highly refined and custom target audiences. Typically speaking, on Instagram there are four kinds of ad types that perform best: photo, carousel, videos and collection. Instagram also has a dedicated Instagram Reel format, but there are currently no advertising opportunities here as of yet. Instagram has long been focused on high-quality image content, so if your brand or business is highly attractive and you have great photographic and video content, it will naturally lend itself to Instagram advertising. 

Snapchat Advertising

Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving and with this comes the opportunity to market to new audiences. Snapchat is hugely popular with younger users, with around 220 million regular users under the age of 25, with around three-quarters of all 18-24-year-olds using the app. Snapchat have around 6 different types of advertising options that you can utilise to help meet your business goals and if Snapchat advertising is something you are interested in, the team at our social media agency in Manchester will help identify which ad types would work and perform best for your business or brand. 

There are other types of social media advertising platforms, including TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube. For more information on our social media advertising strategies, please contact the team at our social media agency in Manchester today! 

Management With a Social Media Agency in Manchester

At our social media agency in Manchester, we understand that no one knows your business like you do, which is why we get that managing your social media channels can be a time consuming and often arduous task. It is often easier and more productive to outsource the management of your social media channels to an agency. Here at Red Cow Media, we’ll ensure that the transition is seamless and we’ll be sure to capture your brand in its entirety, following the current brand guidelines and tone of voice already in place. 

When we take over the management of a social media channel, we will work closely with you to get a feel for the brand and how your social media currently performs. We’ll spend time researching your sector, target audiences and competitors in order to get to know you as much as possible. When, and only when, you are comfortable that our social media agency in Manchester are well-positioned to fully take over the day to day management of your social media channels, we will then make a start on the content creation, posting and engagement with your social media following on your behalf.

In the world of social media, things hardly stay the same for long. This is why, at our social media agency in Manchester, we’ll take the time to research all the latest updates, algorithm changes and trends that take over social media. Then, we’ll come up with organic content ideas, interactive social media posts and look at things such as hashtag strategies, optimal engagement times and Facebook Shopping catalogs to help boost your reach and engagement.

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Cost of Advertising With a Social Media Agency in Manchester

No matter your budget, there will be a social media advertising strategy that we can implement for you. The team at our social media agency in Manchester have experience working with every type of advertising budget, from smaller, more concentrated advertising campaigns to large international advertising campaigns. At Red Cow Media, we strongly believe that there is a social media advertising solution for every budget and business goal. 

Before we start your social media advertising campaigns, we’ll discuss your budgets, performance expectations and the outcome you want to achieve with advertising. There is no set cost amount when it comes to social media advertising, you choose what you pay and you can set a maximum daily budget so that you’re not spending more than is necessary. The team at our social media agency Manchester-based will be on hand to advise you on the best budgets for your advertising strategy and recommend the most effective strategy for your set budgets. 

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Whether you’re looking for a social media agency in Manchester to take over the paid social media advertising for your business or the day to day running of your organic social media channels, here at Red Cow Media, our team are on hand to offer first-class advice and help you achieve your ROAS goals. For more information on the services offered by our social media agency in Manchester, get in touch today!

FAQs: Social Media Agency Manchester

  • What Is Paid Social Media Advertising?
  • Paid social is where a social media agency in Manchester will pay for advertisements with your budget. That could be either text, images or videos. It can also be people publishing tweets about your brand or influencers posting on Instagram. A social media agency in Manchester will prioritise ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). The majority of the ads that you will see are CPC which is the cost per click also known as pay per click (PPC). 

    Paid social has been on the rise for many years now. In fact, since around 2019, there has been an increase in paid social media ads. There are more social media agencies in Manchester than ever before and it is easy to understand why. One of the best parts about paid social is the fact that a social media agency in Manchester will target the audience that you want to attract. Deciding on age groups and personal interests for your target audience is a great way to improve the ROAS. 

  • What Is Organic Social Media?
  • Organic social media is the complete opposite to paid search. This is where your business will not pay for any advertisements in order to promote your product/ brand. It uses free social media tools to build brand awareness and an online following. A social media agency in Manchester will do this type of promotion for many of their clients. In fact, if you know how to use social media and you have your own business, it can be easy for you to promote your product/ brand on your own. 

    There are many benefits when it comes to organic social. The main reason is the fact that it is free. Using organic social media is a great way to build a relationship with your customers. It can be a great way to have a customer service system for your business as well. Another great way to use organic is so you can start your own campaigns by creating your own hashtags. Finally, social media is a great way to share your story. Show how the brand has begun and the changes your brand has made for your customers. It is important to let your customers and followers know about your company’s values. 

  • What Does Boost Post Mean On Facebook?
  • It is easy to get confused between a boosted post and ads on Facebook. You can post on your business page for free however, if you want it to reach more users then you will have to pay. This is one of the easiest ways to promote your business page. 

    Facebook ads are created in something called ads manager. As soon as you boost a post on Facebook, it will appear on your target audience’s facebook page as an ad. There are a few things a social media agency in Manchester will need to tell Facebook before they begin boosting a post. 

    Target audience – This is where a social media agency in Manchester will select the audience that you want to reach out to. 

    Budget – Here, a social media agency in Manchester will tell Facebook how much you are willing to spend during the campaign. 

    Duration – This is how long your target audience will see your boosted post/ advertisement for. 

    Once your social media agency in Manchester has got everything set up, your boosted post will be running in the background. Meaning you will not have to do any more work with that advertisement. Sounds great right?

  • Benefits Of Hiring A Social Media Agency In Manchester?
  • Social media agency Manchester offers a lot of benefits to the table. Running your own ads can actually have a negative impact. For example, it is easy to keep ads running in the background meaning they are going to cost you thousands of pounds. The bigger your target audience, the more money you spend. A social media agency in Manchester will want to narrow that target audience down so it reaches qualified customers. 

    Social media agency Manchester are experts in what they do. Like anything, it is easy when you know how. Luckily for you, more often than not, a social media agency in Manchester will know exactly what to do as they have years of experience. Another positive about hiring a social media team is the resources that they have access to that you don’t. Not to mention the fact that they save you a lot of time and money because you are not researching what they already know. Finally, a social media agency in Manchester will do all the dirty work for you. They will find the right target audience for you as well as report and give you feedback on how well your campaigns are doing.

  • What Is Facebook Ads Manager?
  • A social media agency in Manchester will use a tool called Facebook ads manager. This is a tool that allows you to create and manage Facebook ads as well as start campaigns. There are many things that you can do with it as well. 

    Create ad campaigns – With ads manager, you are able to create ads in a simple step-by-step process. Whilst you are creating your ad, you will set up your target audience, choose a marketing objective and where you want your advertisement to be shown i.e. location. 

    Multiple ads running at the same time – Once you have set your ad up, you are able to edit the campaign whilst it is running. You might want to increase the budget or change the audience slightly because the current one isn’t working. Not to mention that you can duplicate ads as well.

    Able to see the results – One of the best things about ads manager is that it is able to give you up to date reports. You can constantly receive reports from a social media agency in Manchester. Additionally, you can have a breakdown of all the statistics you need to create a solid report. 

    A social media agency in Manchester will constantly check these ad campaigns that are running on Facebook through the ads manager. It is important you know whether or not they are bringing the results in because it can be quite costly.

  • Why Is Facebook Good For Business?
  • Facebook is one of the ways that a social media agency in Manchester will promote your business through digital marketing. Whether they are doing it organically or they are using your budget to advertise your business. There are multiple benefits when it comes to promoting your business. However, do not completely rely on advertising your business through Facebook. However, there are some positives of it. 

    Low-Cost Marketing – Setting up a business page is not only free but managing that page is also cheap. It can have all of your key information on and it is a great way to interact with your existing customers. You can do all of this at the cost of nothing other than your time. 

    Brand awareness – Social media is a great way to get your business out there without doing too much work. Just let your customers do it for you. Many people will happily share a product they are interested in and they value it. If you are an e-commerce site, you can offer giveaways if they share your page and tag a few friends. There are many ways to go about it which won’t cost you too much. 

    Traffic for your website – Traffic means either people enquiring or people buying your product. The only way you can increase sales/ enquiries for your site is by increasing the amount of traffic with a qualified audience. Facebook is a great way to increase traffic to your site. A simple post about a new product and then tagging your URL in the post so people can look for themselves is simple yet very effective.

  • What Is Google Ad Manager?
  • Google ads manager is a software that a social media agency in Manchester will often use to post and control their ads. Ads manager is great for a business because it allows them to earn a revenue for their products for their advertisements. It is also great for a social media agency in Manchester to manage a large amount of revenue coming from customer’s. Not only is it a great way to manage money but it also offers many tools where it can break down the success of your advertising campaigns. A social media agency in Manchester will often gather all of their statistics which they will put into a report for your business.

  • What Is Facebook Audience Network?
  • Facebook audience network extends Facebook’s people-based advertising outside the platform. Other publishers can gain money through Facebook advertisers in their own apps. The reason why Facebook ads have been beneficial for many businesses is simply because they are personal. They are aimed at the target audience. Think of a television advert, it costs a lot of money because of the number of people it is reaching out to. However, with Facebook ads, these can target a certain consumer. Meaning that your adverts outside of Facebook do the exact same. 

    Many social media agencies in Manchester will be running Newsfeed ads on Facebook, through the audience network. Advertisements on Facebook are highly beneficial when it reaches the target audience. Imagine your advertisements running elsewhere reaching the correct target audience. Facebook audience network allows a social media agency in Manchester to separate the Facebook campaigns and audience network campaigns.

  • What Is Social Media Retargeting?
  • Many people will spend a couple of hours on social media everyday. Some people will be a lot more than that. A user will browse your site and then could go off it without purchasing anything or enquiring. What social media retargeting does is show them adverts related to your business. Attracting them back into something that they already had an interest in. Both Facebook and Instagram make it easier for social media agencies in Manchester to retarget with different ad formats.

  • What Are The Two Main Ad Formats Used In A Google Display Campaign?
  • There are two main ad formats that a social media agency in Manchester will use in Google display ads campaigns. A Google display network will be used to create ads in different formats. One of the formats that a social media agency in Manchester often uses is uploaded ads, the other format is responsive display ads. 

    Custom uploaded ads are more relevant for social media agencies in Manchester who would like to have as much control as possible for creatives that are used in a display campaign. A social media agency in Manchester will be able to upload image ads that are not created in Google ads. 

    The other ad format that is commonly used is responsive display ads. Your logos, images, headlines, descriptions, and videos will then have ads automatically created which will be related to them. These types of ads are considered more convenient for a social media agency in Manchester.

  • Why Is Social Media Important For Business?
  • Social media has become extremely popular over the past 10/ 15 years with the younger generation. It is a great way to communicate with your friends and family. Now, it is a very popular career choice. Like mentioned earlier, it is a great way for a social media agency in Manchester to raise brand awareness for their companies. 

    Social media is a great tool to promote a product or business both organically and through paid advertisements. Increasing brand awareness through social media is arguably the best way to do it. Simply because pretty much all of your customers will use some form of social media platform. The five most popular social media platforms for a business are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. 

    As mentioned earlier, social media is great to keep in touch with your customers and solve any issues that they may be having. Once you have sold your product, it is important to keep in touch with your customer’s. If a customer has bought from you, they more than likely follow one of your social media accounts. Keep them updated with your latest releases so you can potentially tempt them to buy more from you. Not only can a social media agency in Manchester do this but, you can also manage your social media accounts as well. Publishing vlogs about how your business is run and the products you make/ offer. 

  • How To Advertise On TikTok?
  • TikTok has become a popular platform for users to watch videos on things they like. Now, social media agencies in Manchester have used TikTok brands to raise brand awareness and attract potential customers. Videos are one of the best ways to raise brand awareness. You can really advertise a product without looking like it is an advertisement. So, how does a social media agency in Manchester set up ads on TikTok? 

    Step 1 – They will create a new TikTok ad campaign once they have created their account for your business. The TikTok ad campaign is similar to setting one up with google ads manager and FAcebook ads manager. 

    Step 2 – Choose ad placements, details and targeting. These can be more platforms such as BuzzVideo and News Republic. This can also be done automatically which allows TikTok to decide where your advert should be placed. 

    Step 3 – A schedule and budget will then be set. A social media agency in Manchester will choose between setting a daily budget and a total budget. A daily budget is self explanatory, it is how much you spend per day. A total budget is how much money will be spent throughout the whole campaign until it finishes. 

    Step 4 – Choosing a pacing option and selecting an optimisation goal is the 4th and final step a social media agency will do. This determines the speed of how quickly your budget is spent. A social media agency in Manchester will decide on the goal which could be conversions, clicks or impressions. That is something that you will discuss with your social media agency from Manchester.