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As specialists in high-quality blogger outreach, our link-building services are utilised by our own clients as well as in a white-label capacity or by in-house teams who need extra assistance.

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Despite what we are often told by Google, link building is still one of the most important and influential elements of SEO.

Link building is a way of increasing your website’s authority by generating high-quality, relevant links to a website and is one of the quickest ways you can increase rankings. It does, however, only work if it is done well and in line with SEO best practice guidelines. To do link building well is a very laborious, long-winded task consisting of analysing hundreds of websites. The key to it is picking out sites with good metrics and statistics that are regularly updated with quality content, whilst avoiding link networks and spam sites in the process. 

Our dedicated link builders and SEO executives go through a rigorous training regime when they join us, whether they have previous experience in SEO or not. None of our link-building services is outsourced, all work is completed in-house including the writing and production of every piece of content that we use. This means we have complete control over quality and enables us to achieve the fast and sustainable SEO results we are known for.

Our blogger outreach service is popular amongst companies looking to increase their rankings quicker than at competitor agencies and also by those who wish to bring in more traffic as a form of online PR. If you would like to learn more about our link-building service, feel free to contact us today.

How do we judge the quality of a link?

When you have an agency like us for your link-building service, we ensure that every link has quality checks before we submit the link. Here are some factors that we take into consideration when link building.

  • Authority Metrics – We use a variety of different authority metrics including Trust Flow, Page Authority and Domain Authority.
  • Topic – It is great to build a link with good authority, but it also needs to be relevant, which is where Topical Trust Flow and individual assessment come in. To determine the relevance of a link correctly, it needs to be done manually by a trained SEO professional who knows what they’re looking for.
  • General Website – We look at the quality of the content on a website, how frequently it is updated and if there are any paid/sponsored posts that are being passed off as normal content (against Google’s guidelines).
  • Number Of Existing Links – A website with millions of links already going to other sites will likely pass on very little authority, therefore it is essential to primarily target sites with a much lower link ratio.
  • Follow/No-Follow – Both types of links are required for a natural-looking link profile, which is the ultimate aim of any link-building project. A successful campaign comes from determining what proportion of links given out on a website are follow to no-follow.

What Is Our Link building Service Process?

  • Once we have completed our initial audit and strategy we know what type of links are required, as well as the point we need to get to in order to start ranking on the first page of Google, then the top 5, top 3 and finally the coveted number 1 spot.
  • Our link-building process involves numerous methods including the use of infographics, content marketing and guest posting (blogger outreach).
  • All links built will be of high quality, and follow Google’s guidelines and any content used will be created/written in-house.
  • Every link built will be included in your end-of-month report.

Whether you’re looking for dedicated link-building services or it will form part of an overall SEO strategy, our process will lead to results quicker than any other agency. For more information please contact us on 0161 711 0888 or submit an enquiry online.

Link Building Service Explained

What Is Link Building?

Within SEO, link building has a crucial role in driving traffic to your website from search engines. This is essential for competitive markets. When combining a link-building service with the right SEO strategy, can act as an unstoppable force for moving up the ranks and driving more qualified organic users to the website.  

With new Algorithms and priorities being updated regularly, the need for relevant quality content is more important than ever. There are many link-building services out there that offer link building, but will only link to low-quality spammy links. Whilst this can work for a short while, it can also hinder your results long term. This type of link-building should not be part of your long-term strategy.  We only build links to quality sites that are relevant to your industry, if you want a long-term link building service, contact us today and we will be glad to help. 

What Is A Link Building Service?

A link-building service is where we do the link-building for you. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to SEO and we pride ourselves on getting the results our client needs for success. We will find websites that your audience visits and then place links to your website on relevant pages. We do this by reaching out to these website owners and promoting your website by manually contacting them through outreach. Having a link-building service can be an effective method to improve rankings and draw more qualified users to the website. 

Why Is Having A Link Building Service Important?

Content is king when it comes to SEO, but if your website is new or it doesn’t have enough authority to rank, your content will not gain the traction it needs to improve your rankings. Having links that are from authoritative and trustworthy websites is a great method to encourage Google to see your site as being more authoritative. 

Building links on your own can be extremely time-consuming and if not done correctly, you could hinder your results. By having a link-building service, you will ensure that you have relevant links that will increase your domain authority and trust flow which are two ranking factors that you simply can’t ignore. 

Backlinks should be thought of as small votes of confidence in your website, and the pages that have the most backlinks will of course do better at ranking. Having a link-building service is a long-term investment that you can’t afford to miss if you are looking for long-term success, so contact us today. 

What Is Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA)  is what a link building service aims to improve. It shows a website’s relevance or quality as claimed by Google and other search engines. The term domain authority was created by SEO software service Moz. This predicts the ability to rank the website ad and will also predict how the website will perform when faced with competitors in the search engine results pages (SERPS). The DA score can range from one to one hundred. The higher the DA, the better chance of ranking in search engines and this is why having a link building service to increase your DA is so important.

Why Is It Important?

Your domain authority is important for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that it represents how you rank on search engines. It helps Google to read your site as being authoritative and also shows how you compare with your competition.  

Link-Building Services: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Link Building In SEO?

  • Link building is a method in SEO where a website links to your website. It is one of the oldest strategies in SEO but is also one of the most effective. Link-building services build backlinks that will pass on the authority from another website. Furthermore, it is a way for Google to see that your website is trustworthy and will rank you higher than other websites on the search engine results page(SERPs). 

    Link-building services are something many businesses avoid because they don’t understand the benefits of link-building. They also do not know how to construct an effective link-building strategy for their digital marketing campaign. Moreover, many businesses believe link-building is outdated and no longer relevant in SEO which isn’t correct. 

    There are numerous benefits to link-building and you can increase the rankings of pages just from link-building. One of the main reasons why people believe that link-building is not effective is due to it being time-consuming. Agencies and in-house marketing teams say there are many other things which are more valuable than link building. Nonetheless, using trustworthy link-building services will ensure the links built on your website are more about quality than quantity. Additionally, Google rates backlinks highly, especially from highly authoritative websites. The more authority a website has, the more valuable that link is. That is why link-building services ensure the website they build a link to has high authority. 

    There are many factors that a link-building service considers before they deem a website to be valuable. One of those factors would include the domain authority of the website. The domain authority is out of a hundred and increases when other websites are linking to that one website. Additionally, the domain authority can depend on the age of the website as well. It is one of the many ranking factors that Google considers for your website.

    Trust flow is something else that helps a website be considered trustworthy, including the relevance of that website to your website. For example, if you are a health website, a link-building service will look for other health websites similar to yours. This could include health blog websites as well that have high authority such as Healthline. Not only do link-building services build links to your website to improve the authority of your site but they also do this to increase the traffic to your website. Relevant links can help gain traffic and sometimes leads to conversions. 

    When building backlinks, they need to be high quality, including the content you write for those backlinks. If the content is not high-quality, Google will see this as spam content and therefore, will penalise your website for it. Your website being penalised will then lead to a drop in rankings for many of your keywords. If your website has many keywords on the first page of Google, it will lose traffic if they are no longer on the first page.

  • What Are Backlinks And Why Do Link Building Services Think They Are Important?

  • A backlink is created when a website links to another website. Backlinks, also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links”, are essential to SEO for the authority that they pass on. Not only do they pass on authority but they can also increase the traffic to your website. If the website you receive a backlink from, there is a good chance you will receive traffic from their website too as they could click on your link. 

    Link-building services will build a link to a website for several reasons. One of the main reasons is to prove to Google that you are a valuable and trustworthy website. Another reason why link-building services will build backlinks is to increase the traffic that visits your website. Finally, a backlink is to build the authority of the website that could include PA(page authority), DA(domain authority) and trust flow. 

    Gaining backlinks is an essential part of Off-Site SEO. It is something a user will not see on your website however, it is indispensable to improving the rankings of your website. 

    When a link-building service looks to build several links for a website, there are many things that they consider. One of those is the value of the backlink and some are more valuable than others. For example, followed backlinks are considered to be the most valuable backlink however, the link has to be from a high authority website. 

    If a link-building service builds backlinks to low-authority websites, they would be considered spammy and therefore, can be detrimental to your rankings. Nonetheless, the occasional low-authority backlink can be beneficial for your website as well because Google will see this as a more natural method of link building. 

    Link-building services will also build no-follow links to your website to make it more natural. If Google sees that you have built hundreds of follow links, they will consider this spammy, especially if they are not relevant to your website. Moreover, you can be penalised for building spammy links that share the same IP address. If you build hundreds of links that are sharing the same IP address, this is known as a PBN (private blogging network) and can have a significant impact on your rankings. Initially, you will see an increase in rankings when these links are built; however, once Google has crawled these backlinks, your website will be punished for these spammy backlinks and your rankings will soon drop off. Earning backlinks is essential to a website’s rankings which is why many companies will hire link-building services to build the authority of their website. 

  • What Is Broken Link Building In SEO?

  • A common method for link-building services is broken backlinks and it is an easy way to get a link. Broken backlinks involve a page that is no longer there or broken, involving an error 404 page. Once a link-building service has located the broken page and backlink that no longer works, they contact the web developers to see if they can resolve the issue. Hopefully, they will agree to fix the broken backlink as they do not want to send users to a broken page. The question that most link-building services argue about in SEO is, does broken backlink building still work?  

    Broken backlink building can be time-consuming and if it does not work, it will be a waste of time. Additionally, it isn’t easy to complete either. 

    One way a link-building service finds broken backlinks on a website is to use the Check My Links Chrome extension. It is a modern SEO tool many link-building services use to locate broken backlinks on their website. However, there are many other tools which link-building services use. Broken link check, Screaming Frog, SEMRush and even Google Search Console are all tools that a link-building service will use. There are many other tools that you can use as well, depending on the budget you have. 

    Locating a broken backlink will be difficult without using an SEO tool. This will save you time and be a lot more efficient. Link-building services have several SEO tools that will locate broken backlinks and some are more efficient than others.