Meet The Team

Kelly White

Kelly White

Managing Director

Kelly started Red Cow Media based on her vision of what a search agency should be like. Tired of working in agencies where clients are an afterthought, and where campaigns are generic instead of aligned with business objectives, she set out to revolutionise the way Search Marketing is thought of and highlight it as a genuine marketing channel capable of generating an impressive ROI. Kelly comes from a search marketing background working in senior positions both agency-side and in-house for global companies. She has worked on international campaigns in various countries and languages across the full remit of search marketing services, including organic search (SEO), paid search, display advertising, social media and retargeting.

  • When not working, you’re most likely to find her at:Not working? What's that?
  • Most visited
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Fazenda
  • Favourite TV series:The Big Bang Theory or Friends
  • Favourite Movie:7 Pounds (and most Disney films)
  • Nickname:Kel
Matthew McCarthy

Matthew McCarthy

Commercial Director

Matt has been running the commercial aspects of Red Cow since our first year of business and is the brains behind our business development and finance functions. He brings a wealth of experience from previous sales and recruitment positions working with some of the worlds biggest and most cutting edge brands, particularly within video games, including Microsoft, Sony and Eidos, as well as having an excellent working knowledge of business principles.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find him at:The gym
  • Most visited website:Fashion Beans or BBC Sport
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:The Alchemist Spinningfields
  • Favourite TV series:Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Favourite Movie:Layer Cake
  • Nickname:JLS
Stephen McCance

Stephen McCance

Operations Director

Stephen has over 10 years of experience in search marketing. He specialises in combined campaigns running across multiple channels from organic SEO to PPC, Retargeting and Paid Social Media advertising. The primary focus is always on return on investment for clients, whether working with a small or large budgets. A particular are of interest for Stephen is eCommerce, working with a range of national/international clients, especially within the fashion sector.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find him at:A Sports Bar
  • Most visited website:BBC Sport
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Wati House
  • Favourite TV series:The Sopranos or Entourage
  • Favourite Film:American Psycho
  • Nickname:Iceman
Chloe Humphreys

Chloe Humphreys

Junior Digital Marketing Executive

Chloe previously completed an internship with us as part of her degree whilst at University and impressed greatly during that time. With great content writing skill and experience in Social Media she makes the perfect Digital Marketing Executive.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find her:Eating Hummus
  • Most visited website:Mob Kitchen
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Salvi's
  • Favourite TV series:Jane The Virgin
  • Favourite Movie:The Blind Side
  • Nickname:Kid Humpty
Zara Smith

Zara Smith

Senior SEO Executive

Zara joined Red Cow with previous agency experience specialising in copywriting and content marketing, and has a great deal of knowledge with different content management systems. Now working as an SEO Executive, Zara is bringing that content marketing experience to help generate the highest quality links for clients whilst also getting the opportunity to work on the technical side of SEO.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find her at:Scenic Woodlands
  • Most visited website:Instagram
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Waterstones Deansgate
  • Favourite TV series:Game of Thrones
  • Favourite Film:The Princess Bride
  • Nickname:Stegosaurus
Fiona Butterick

Fiona Butterick

Senior PPC Executive

Fiona joined us directly from Google with a wealth of experience in paid search, particularly PPC, focusing heavily on data driven results and return on investment. With plenty of experience managing 8-figure budgets for international clients, no campaign is too big or complex.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find her at:A bar
  • Most visited website:Instagram
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Albert Schloss or Rosso
  • Favourite TV series:Great British Bake Off
  • Favourite Movie:Romeo & Juliet
  • Nickname:Fee
Phil Ditchfield

Phil Ditchfield

Senior SEO Executive

Phil joined the Red Cow Media team having previously worked in a marketing and sales position at JD Williams where he worked closely with fashion brands such as Jacamo, Simply Be and Marisota. With a strong background in account management and target driven work, Phil’s passion for generating sales and getting results is invaluable to our team and company ethos. Phil is quickly learning how to channel his skillset into link attribution to aid with our diverse SEO campaigns.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find him at:The Cinema
  • Most visited website:IMDb
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Ply
  • Favourite TV series:Mad Men
  • Favourite Movie:The Dark Knight
  • Nickname:Trenchmeadow
Nickesh Mistry

Nickesh Mistry

SEO Executive

Nick joins us having worked in-house as an SEO Executive at the Co-operative Bank and therefore has a great understanding of what goes in to a digital campaign at one of the largest companies in the UK. With a strong background in reporting, Nick is a vital addition to the team.

  • When not working, you’re most likely to find him:Watching Football
  • Most visited website:Twitter
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:The Northern Quarter
  • Favourite TV series:Power
  • Favourite Film:21 Jump Street
  • Nickname:GIF Master General
Marco Ianni

Marco Ianni

Technical SEO Executive

Marco previously worked in-house as an SEO executive at a medical company where he gained invaluable knowledge, central to the role. Marco's passion and enthusiasm stands out when it comes to digital, which drives hims forward and ensures he is successful at whatever he puts his mind to.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find him at:A gig
  • Most visited website:Taobao
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:The Northern Quarter
  • Favourite TV series:Stranger Things
  • Favourite Film:Whiplash
  • Nickname:Marco
Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones

SEO Executive

Olivia joined us with a strong background in design and the running of social media channels, her eye for detail when creating advertising banners is second to none and understands what makes a brand unique when creating them. Combining this with the ability to create excellent content, we felt Olivia was ideal as an all round Digital Marketing Executive.

  • When not working, you're most likely to find her at:The Cinema
  • Most visited website:Instagram
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Revolucion De Cuba
  • Favourite TV series:Friends
  • Favourite Film:Signs
  • Nickname:Liv
Shelley Nettleford

Shelley Nettleford


Shelley came on board with Red Cow in 2016 and assists as an administrative assistant.

  • When not working, you’re most likely to find her at:In the kitchen baking
  • Most visited website:Pinterest
  • Favourite spot in Manchester:Tattu
  • Favourite TV series:The Real Housewives
  • Favourite Film:He's Just Not That Into You
  • Nickname:Shells