Paid Search

As an award winning digital marketing agency, the paid team here at Red Cow Media have extensive experience working on paid campaigns for clients at the highest level. Led by a previous Google employee, our team are specifically trained to ensure you pay the lowest cost per acquisition, in turn maximising sales from paid search channels. We understand that there are a lot of confusing acronyms associated with paid search marketing, so we’re here to take the pain out of paid. Our approach is to cut to what matters and take an in depth look at data in order to drive your PPC, Google Shopping and display advertising forwards in the most profitable and innovative way. Plainly put, we make your paid search campaigns work towards and achieve your business goals, whatever they may be.

The general idea with paid search marketing is to generate or increase website traffic, usually as part of an overall digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to use a paid search agency due to a lack of time, resource or in house capabilities, you need to be sure that the agency you appoint is familiar with all of the paid options available to you, and how they may suit your business model.

This in depth understanding of the nuances of paid search comes only with hands on experience, which is why we take a consultative approach to any prospective client. If we believe that paid search won’t work for you and you’d be better off considering something else, then we’ll tell you so. If paid search is a viable method to achieve what you’re looking to do, we’ll put together viable and well informed projections to illustrate why and how.

As an official Google Partner, we’re able to make the most of insight provided directly from the horse’s mouth to ensure our clients benefit from knowledge that’s above and beyond the usual standard.

Paid Search Services

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Perhaps the best known form of paid search, PPC advertising has significantly evolved in recent years, which has also made it considerably more competitive in many industries. Although the most widely used platform is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), there are other options available that may be considered depending upon the nature of your business.

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Google Shopping

Previously known as PLA ads, Google Shopping offers a prime opportunity for any sites that have an ecommerce offering that involves a physical item, such as clothing. The nature of Google Shopping ads is such that the user is pre-qualified to a certain extent prior to you paying for the click through to your website using predetermined information about your products including imagery and price point. This often results in a more cost effective method of paid search advertising.

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Display Advertising

Display advertising takes many different forms and is ever evolving. Whilst it has traditionally been used as more of a brand awareness channel, it is becoming increasingly more adopted as a direct sales channel and can be extremely effective if used in the right way. From managed placements on the Google Display Network to video ads on YouTube, display advertising is versatile and offers something for almost every business goal.

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