Over 50% of searches on Google are now made from mobile devices, with some recent research suggesting it is now as high as 60%. This shows that the primary concern as a business owner/webmaster in regards to SEO should now be optimisation for mobile devices.


Google itself has now switched its focus to mobile by finally implementing their mobile-first indexing plan, whereby all websites will now rank based on the mobile version, rather than the desktop version. Take a look at the different elements that are essential for success with mobile-first indexing below, and see if your site is correctly optimised.

What to look for

Is your site responsively designed?

Most new sites are now built responsively as standard (although this isn’t always the case with sites that are 5 years old or more), meaning they will automatically resize pictures and content to display properly on a mobile device. If you find that you need to zoom in to read content or have to scroll from left to right to read sentences then your site is not responsively designed.

Is your website load speed, size and server location optimal?

The speed at which your website loads is now a key ranking factor on Google and, as such, slow websites are often penalised as they impede user experience. When ensuring the mobile version of your website is up to scratch it is worth getting a technical audit done to outline any potential issues from the very beginning. Once the technical/development aspects are fixed, the mobile SEO optimisation can begin.

Is the content on your site optimised for viewing on a mobile device?

It is important to treat mobile content as being completely different from desktop content. Users tend to skim read much more on mobile devices and therefore it is essential to have your pages laid out in a way that gives your visitors the right content in the right places, and in an obvious layout. For this to be effective, it is important to combine UX and CRO with your content strategy. Only when the right research and best practices have been implemented will your content perform at its best.

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