The Couture Club


  • 17x Monthly return on investment on average
  • 531% increase in organic traffic
  • 260% increase in paid social media advertising traffic
  • 290% increase in online revenue
  • 210% increase in new users via organic search


The Couture Club launched in June 2015 as a men’s streetwear fashion brand. Although predominantly an online retailer, they also have a number of their own prominent retail stores in prime locations throughout the UK, including a flagship retail based at the Trafford Centre here in Manchester. Having worked with one of the owners on a previous project, The Couture Club approached Red Cow to be their strategic partners and help take the brand to the next level online.


As they looked to expand their product range from initially having solely printed tshirts, The Couture Club were looking to branch out from having such a strong dependence upon influencer marketing, and add further channels to form a full digital marketing strategy. Once the expanded range was launched, we were initially tasked with optimising the website, as well as developing a comprehensive paid search strategy that included three main remits;

  • Paid social media advertising to capitalise on their existing presence on Instagram
  • PPC advertising to drive new customers who were otherwise unaware of the brand
  • Retargeting to maximise conversion rate and drive repeat purchases and brand loyalty


As the website was already getting a good number of visitors and with the new products launching, we initially set about getting the remarketing campaign live through AdRoll on both social media and general web. This saw an immediate uplift in the number of sales generated, and drove a ROI of around 18x spend. Alongside this, we worked on the on page optimisation for the SEO of the website, followed by a comprehensive ongoing outreach and content strategy focussed on key streetwear and apparel terms. Over the course of the campaign, the SEO saw huge success with a 531% increase in organic traffic year on year. The PPC and paid social campaigns were specifically geared towards driving new users, and were both well executed including a 260% uplift in traffic from paid social media advertising across Facebook and Instagram. Overall, the digital marketing campaign generated a 290% increase in online revenue year on year.