Content Marketing Manchester

As a multi-award winning content marketing agency in Manchester, Red Cow knows what it takes to produce outstanding content. Content is a key element within SEO and has a big impact on how successful your website will be. This is not just in terms of where it ranks on a search engine but also how high the conversion rate is. 

Our Content Goals

  • To produce content that is easy to read, understand and point a user in the direction of making an enquiry/purchase.
  • Display content in different forms including standard articles, infographics, step-by-step wizards and interactive content.
  • Regularly update news/blog sections (ideally weekly) to aid content turnover, which tells search engines the site is continually being updated and lets visitors know that you are an active company.
  • Continually look to expand a website, adding new pages that are optimised for new keyword terms that will enable you to attract more visitors and in turn more enquiries/sales.
  • Produce engaging content for social media channels, paid social media adverts and PPC ads leading to higher click through rates and more qualified visitors.

The most important thing to mention about our approach to content marketing is that we don’t just produce content for the sake of it, we will only expand a website and add new pages if it makes sense to do so. Are there enough people searching for the keyword on a monthly basis? Will people searching for that keyword be genuinely interested in buying/enquiring based on your company’s offering? All of this needs to be taken in to consideration as part of a content marketing strategy.

LSI Content

One of the central components within content and SEO is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), this is a way of structuring content so that it is as easy to read as possible for both users and search engines. It enables you to answer related questions to the main search query and gives extra detail on a subject so that the page naturally becomes an authority on the topic in question.

The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update in 2019 has had a lot of people talking about content and the way Google interacts with it. At its heart, this is an advanced programme which can interpret user questions at a much more intricate level than ever before. Meaning content with LSI keywords in its structure is likely to perform well; as you are already creating content that is designed to answer user queries in a more dedicated way.

If you would like to see LSI in action, then look no further than Google’s suggested searches. You will no doubt have noticed that when you start typing a search term into Google, a variety of suggested search terms pop up to guess what it is you are searching for. We use this core principle and structure our content on a website so that it works in a way that Google finds easiest to understand, thus improving your SEO, and keeping your users on your website for longer. In Google’s eyes, the ideal website is Wikipedia – it displays all of the information you would ever need to know on a particular subject in a format that is broken up into digestible sections, very easy to navigate with extensive internal linking to assist you should you not know what a certain phrase/word means.

The era of thin, short or otherwise worthless content is truly at an end. And as a dedicated content marketing agency in Manchester, we know what it takes to perform well on Google and for the benefit of your audience. LSI is the first step towards more advanced content.

Content Services Offered

  • A Full Website Content Audit – this encompasses everything from the content used in page titles and meta descriptions to on-page content and blog posts. We will analyse if it can be improved from an SEO perspective and give suggestions on what needs to be done.
  • Content Production – you may not need a full SEO campaign but just have a need for optimised content production. This could take the form of weekly blog posts, email marketing, guest posts for link building, articles or on-page content.
  • Bespoke Long-Form Content – We also produce a number of lengthier content pieces on an ad hoc basis depending on your business needs. This includes long-form articles (2,000+), whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, and more.
  • Site Content Expansion – sometimes a site needs to be expanded or re-written entirely to meet its full SEO potential. Outdated, poorly written or badly optimised content can all be easily rectified mistakes that are holding your site back.
  • White Label Solutions – companies tend to have strengths and weaknesses in different areas and for those who have a weakness when it comes to content production, we can help with our white label solution.
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  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Content marketing is the creation and promotion of online materials. Be they blogs, videos, eBooks, social media postings or more. It is not dedicated to creating completely promotional pieces for your brand, but is instead aimed at engaging and nurturing an audience. This can then, over time, create a natural interest in products/services.

  • What is "Evergreen" Content?
  • Evergreen content, simply put, is content that is always relevant. No matter how much time may have passed since the initial creation of the piece.

    Interesting content that does not quickly become dated is important to ensure content does well on search engines. As good search interest and volumes over time are necessary to ensure continued engagement, rather than a small initial spike.

    Not all content can be evergreen, but an important element of any content strategy should be to create such cornerstone pieces as this for your site.

  • Content Marketing vs. Content Writing
  • There are many instances when you will find a content marketing agency in Manchester or beyond who creates content, but they don’t actually do content marketing.

    Why? Because they only write content, they don’t market it.

    Anyone can write a small, simple, blog and call it a day. Content marketing requires research, planning, engagement, outreach, social media promotion, and much more to be successful. It can be an arduous task and the returns may not be apparent until much later in the campaign. Which is why many people forego the extra effort, simply creating the content and calling it a day.

    At Red Cow, we are dedicated to ensuring your content isn’t just another ticked box. We create engaging pieces that perform for your business.

  • What is Involved in a Content Strategy?
  • First and foremost, we will do intensive research into what your customer’s value and how we can present it to them in the best format. This then informs our strategy and allows us to create a calendar that matches customer intent.

    Whether this means a social calendar, blog strategy, quarterly email plans, or something more intense combining all/more of these. We create a strategy that fits your business–whatever that may look like.

  • What is the Proofreading Process?
  • At Red Cow Media, we have an intense three-stage proofreading process in order to ensure top-quality content. This is self-editing, a third-party edit and then a final internal edit by another member of the team. It’s intense, but it does mean our content is second to none.

    As a content marketing agency in Manchester, we know that perfection is vital for your content. So our process is tailored to ensure that quality is at the heart of every piece of content that we produce.

  • Does Landing Page Content Matter?
  • YES!

    Your landing page content is one of the most important aspects of your site. It needs to be engaging, it needs to be optimised and it needs to actually get people interested enough to convert on your site.

    We also don’t just specialise in organic landing pages. The convertibility of your PPC landing pages is also important to consider, as these pages rely on immediate conversions. Keeping content concise, highlighting the selling points and ensuring CTA’s are prominent on these pages are all important aspects of this particular type of landing page creation.

    As a content marketing agency in Manchester, you can rely on us for all of your content needs. Not just blogs!

  • What is the ROI of Content Marketing?
  • Content marketing is one of the most difficult marketing strategies to discern an ROI. That is because, for the most part, your audience may visit the content or engage with it several times before ever converting.

    Before committing to a sale or engaging your service, a customer will engage with your brand and its content. Content marketing is designed to create materials that make the most of these interactions. Leading, eventually, to the user finally converting on your site. Useful, informative and engaging content is therefore vital to ensure that this conversion funnel is completed in as few interactions as possible.

    So, although ROI isn’t always straightforward to determine for this marketing strategy, it is no less important. It is an essential aspect of your overall digital marketing activity.

  • How Does Your Content Marketing and SEO Strategy Work Together?
  • Content and SEO are intricately linked. In fact, content is alongside technical SEO and link building as one of the cornerstones of this digital marketing powerhouse.

    As an agency that specialises in SEO predominantly, it is no wonder that content is so heavily entwined in everything that we do. For that reason, you can guarantee that not only will we produce outstanding content. But it will also always be geared towards and benefitted by a complimentary SEO strategy.

  • How Long Does it Take to See Results?
  • The length of time between content marketing implementation and discernable results can vary.

    For email marketing, for example, we can track and determine the results of the campaigns almost immediately. Social media campaigns–whether via posts, videos or otherwise–can also be tracked virtually in real-time. Whereas, blogs and articles are a little trickier. Ultimately, we must rely on user behaviour statistics for these pages to determine success. So, that would be bounce rate, time spent on the page, etc. Page drop-off rates can also determine whether or not people are then going further through the site after engaging with the initial content.

    In the case that we are able to create and rank ‘evergreen’ content on search results, we may see traffic on these pages for years to come. Strong CTA’s and a good conversion strategy for these pages will be important to ensure they achieve the best ROI possible.

  • Can We See The Content Before it Goes Live?
  • Yes, absolutely! We understand that you only want the very best quality content on your site, so may want to review any materials before they go live.

    Whether this is just an initial process to ensure quality until you can be assured of our outstanding work or as an ongoing element, we don’t mind. At Red Cow Media, we want to be a content marketing agency that you can trust in. So, whether you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to your content, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

  • Is Content Marketing Right for You?
  • Do you want to engage with your customers? Drive traffic organically or via other channels such as social? If so, then content marketing is 100% right for your business.

    Of course, the type of content marketing you require will vary wildly from another business. So it important to ensure that we understand your business needs, what you want to achieve and implement this in a content strategy that works best for you. We will always work with you to ensure that this is the case and won’t just produce blogs for the sake of it.

  • Our Content Marketing Performs Poorly, What Makes this Different?
  • Badly performing content marketing isn’t unusual. Not every piece will go viral, get engagement or even rank despite a lot of hard work. However, poor performance is just as important as good performance in some cases as any good content marketing agency knows. We can analyse the pieces of content that don’t do well for your business and try to determine why they haven’t done well.

    From there, we can adapt your content strategy to suit the needs of your audience much better. Because, in most cases, a failing content strategy simply hasn’t been tailored to your audience in a meaningful way. Starting over with this in mind can often lead to a much more fruitful content marketing experience.

    So, why wait? Re-start your content marketing today!