Content / LSI

Content is a key element within SEO and has a big impact on how successful your website will be. This is not just in terms of where it ranks on a search engine but also how high the conversion rate is.

One of the central components within content and SEO is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), this is a way of structuring content so that it is as easy to read as possible for both users and search engines. It enables you to answer related questions to the main search query and gives extra detail on a subject so that the page naturally becomes an authority on the topic in question.

If you would like to see LSI in action, then look no further than Google’s suggested searches. You will no doubt have noticed that when you start typing a search term in to Google, a variety of suggested search terms pop up to guess what it is you are searching for. We use this core principal and structure our content on a website so that it works in a way that Google finds easiest to understand, thus improving your SEO, and keeping your users on your website for longer. In Google’s eyes, the ideal website is Wikipedia – it displays all of the information you would ever need to know on a particular subject in a format that is broken up in to digestible sections, very easy to navigate with extensive internal linking to assist you should you not know what a certain phrase/word means.

Our Content Goals

  • To produce content that is easy to read, understand and point a user in the direction of making an enquiry/purchase.
  • Display content in different forms including standard articles, infographics, step-by-step wizards and interactive content.
  • Regularly update news/blog sections (ideally weekly) to aid content turnover, which tells search engines the site is continually being updated and lets visitors know that you are an active company.
  • Continually look to expand a website, adding new pages that are optimised for new keyword terms that will enable you to attract more visitors and in turn more enquiries/sales.
  • Produce engaging content for social media channels, paid social media adverts and PPC ads leading to higher click through rates and more qualified visitors.

The most important thing to mention about our approach to content marketing is that we don’t just produce content for the sake of it, we will only expand a website and add new pages if it makes sense to do so. Are there enough people searching for the keyword on a monthly basis? Will people searching for that keyword be genuinely interested in buying/enquiring based on your company’s offering? All of this needs to be taken in to consideration as part of a content marketing strategy.

Content Services Offered

  • A full website content audit – this encompasses everything from the content used in page titles and meta descriptions to on-page content and blog posts. We will analyse if it can be improved from an SEO perspective and give suggestions on what needs to be done.
  • Content production – you may not need a full SEO campaign but just have a need for optimised content production. This could take the form of weekly blog posts, guest posts for link building, articles or on-page content.
  • White label solutions – companies tend to have strengths and weaknesses in different areas and for those who have a weakness when it comes to content production, we can help with our white label solution.
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