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Red Cow Media are a digital marketing agency in Manchester that has been transforming businesses for over 10 years. The key to our success is recognising that return on investment is fundamentally all that matters. Before we take on a new client we’ll assess the market, competitors and do detailed projections of what the outcome of a campaign could be in order to assess whether it is viable for us to work together.


The overwhelming majority of digital marketing agencies in the UK are owned by people with a sales background very little knowledge of the field they are actually in. The aim is to bring in more clients than they lose each year, thus increasing their turnover in the process. Red Cow Media is owned and run by people who have worked in digital marketing since the sector was in its infancy – and still do to this day. Our aim as a company is very different, we want to make money via client longevity. If our clients are seeing results and a good return on investment each year then it only makes sense to continue making money together and this is why we our average client stays with us for at least 4 years.

All of our clients are obtained via referral or inbound enquiry through our own digital marketing practices because we practice what we preach. You’ll always find us ranking in the top 3 results for keywords like ‘SEO Manchester‘, ‘Social Media Agency Manchester‘ and ‘Retargeting Agency Manchester‘. Over the years we’ve seen many large agencies come and go but we have maintained our position at the top consistently.

FREE Visibility Score

Find out what your websites visibility score is for FREE

    The fundamental aim of a digital marketing campaign is to increase the number of qualified visitors to your website. The more qualified visitors your site receives, the more sales/enquiries you are likely to generate. A visibility score is therefore indicative of how successful a company/website is. Our free visibility score will let you know where your website is compared to some of your main competitors and how much work needs to be done to catch them up.

    As a digital marketing agency, we work across a variety of different marketing channels from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads and Google Shopping on Google to social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest. When we look at visibility we don’t just focus on one channel, we’ll look across all platforms and determine an overall result. However, if you would prefer us to focus on one channel only, we are happy to do this also.




    Now valued at over £1bn, Gymshark is a great example of a British success story and so our involvement at the start of, as well as during, the rapid growth phase is something we’re very proud of. Our initial involvement was to do SEO consultancy as well as introduce new marketing methods to increase sales as well as conversion rate. We implemented retargeting campaigns across all major advertising networks online and in Gymshark’s first every Black Friday event we achieved sales over £1m through campaigns.

    As the business grew, so did the potential for international markets. Our involvement at this point switched to the new website build and were tasked with internationalising the website, ensuring each country/region had its own sub-domain to show the correct language (sometimes 2 languages for 1 country) and currency. Alongside this, each website was set up to appear as high up as possible in the relevant regions on Google through strategic redirects, canonicalisation, sitemaps and crawling optimisation.

    Gymshark Digital Marketing Agency Manchester Red Cow Media


    We won’t go in to detail on what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is, that can all be read about on our SEO pages, instead we’ll take a look at one of our clients and view the results of an ongoing campaign. We started work with Oh Polly in March 2022 and since then have transformed their organic results. In only one year their organic traffic by 3.3 million visitors and sales from organic (SEO) traffic had increased 33%.

    Below is a graph from ‘Searchmetrics’ an SEO tool which shows a websites historic visibility. Visibility is attributed by scanning through millions of keywords to see how a website ranks for each of those keywords. It then combines that ranking with the monthly search volume of the keyword, generating a visibility score.

    We won’t go in to detail on what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is, that can all be read about on our SEO pages, instead we’ll take a look at one of our clients and view the results of an ongoing campaign. We started work with Oh Polly in March 2022 and since then have transformed their organic results. In only one year their organic traffic increased by 3.3 million visitors and sales from organic (SEO) traffic had increased 33%.

    Below is a graph from ‘Searchmetrics’ an SEO tool which shows a website’s historic visibility. Visibility is attributed by scanning through millions of keywords to see how a website ranks for each of those keywords. It then combines that ranking with the monthly search volume of the keyword, generating a visibility score.

    An example of one of the keywords we have improved substantially is ‘going out dresses’, this keyword gets on average 33,100 searches per month, almost 400,000 searches per year. We have got this keyword to position 1 ranking above the likes of QUIZ, Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo. The more keywords that rank well, the more the website’s visibility goes up and in turn the more the traffic and sales increase.

    Our focus isn’t just on improving rankings, but improving rankings for keywords that are relevant and therefore will have a good conversion rate from people landing on the page. The proof of this is in the fact that organic traffic increased 29% year on year but sales increased 33% meaning there was not only more traffic but more relevant traffic.

    Searchmetrics visibility graph showing a 448% increase in organic visibility in only 2 years

    SOCIAL MEDIA digital marketing agency red cow media

    To learn more about social media marketing with Red Cow Media and what we do as part of our campaigns, please visit our Social Media page. Social Media marketing is split into 2 different forms, the first is organic, this revolves around running pages/accounts, creating content, posting regularly and aiming to grow the following and engagement of a channel. The second of social media marketing is paid advertising. We run ads to generate sales and leads, sending customers directly to your website to view products or services rather than to your Social Media account to follow/like/engage.

    For Boohoo we were tasked with international paid social media advertising, mainly in the USA and France. Alongside creating the social media assets we needed to do the relevant translations to advertise in a non-English speaking country. The result of the campaign was a 26% increase in order placed via Social Media in France. In the USA we saw an increase in both sales and traffic.

    Paid Social Media campaigns are something Red Cow Media does exceptionally well. Running successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Boohoo and GymShark, our performance-based approach keeps your ROAS as high as possible. Even after the IOS14 update, we’re able to offer 5-10x ROAS for the majority of our clients.

    We work on the following platforms:






    As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can offer creatives, tailored audiences and optimised learning to help improve the users your ads reach. We focus on what a brand needs rather than just manipulating ROAS for short-term targets. If we need to spend more on targeting new users rather than exhausting retargeting, we have a very open and honest approach to digital marketing, and don’t waste budgets on previous campaigns that haven’t worked.



    While a brand’s long-term digital campaign is being initialised, Google Ads is a great way to ensure visibility on the Google search engine. Our team ensures your business’s core keywords are being bid on and is hyperfocused on ROI. Using the latest PMAX campaigns, brand and generic keywords Red Cow Media tailors your Google Ads around your budget to maximise return.

    As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer high levels of communication and remove all the jargon so you can better understand the campaign we run without the traditional use of account managers, meaning you speak directly to the team that runs the ads.

    If you’re looking to display ads on websites, at the top of Google SERPs, YouTube or run Shopping campaigns we can help make the most out of your budget and offer real return. We’ve seen poorly run campaigns where agencies have pushed too much budget in specific keywords, or spent too much of branded search terms to inflate ROAS short term. At Red Cow Media, we look at the long term project for a sustainable ROAS that includes projects based on previous user data.

    Want to know more about your Google Ads performance? We’re more than happy to take a look at your current team’s performance with a free audit. We’re not here to pick out problems if the campaign performance is doing well, we’re an honest agency that has seen countless other agencies rely on branded PPC campaigns to help report healthy ROI. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about current performance or if you’d like insight into how your competitors are performing online.

    PMAX Campaigns allow businesses to access all of Googles sales channels through a single campaign. Using Google’s automation capabilities allows performance marketing agencies to drive better leads and convert more customers across all of Google’s advertising surfaces.

    PMAX can be optimised to make better use of a businesses advertising objectives, conversion goals and audience signals to ensure that Google Ads are displayed to the right users at the right time. PMAX uses videos, images, logos and copy to create a fully integrated advertising channel. The assets are mixed and matched to help PMAX learn which creatives work best and where.

    While automation massively improves PMAX campaigns, Red Cow Media also monitor and edit the campaign to speed up the process, we’re also able to optimise the data and budgets to get the best ROAS.



    While retargeting campaigns may seem like a straight forward channel, too often we see other agencies over spending in this channel to try and drive ROAS. Using tools such as Adroll, we’re able to display a brand’s ads all over the internet to improve both brand awareness and ROI. 

    With retargeting it’s essential to avoid over spending as users can become blind to the ads if they see them too much, which is something we constantly fine-tune. Full-service digital marketing campaigns are ideal for retargeting as data from SEO, social media and other channels help to feed the retargeting and improve its reach.

    There’s plenty of different creatives we can design with retargeting, with the most successful being dynamic ads. Dynamic ads display products that the users have previously browsed and tend to generate a higher return on investment. There’s also static and GIF content, as shown in the Red Cow Media example here.

    Our campaigns are designed to target users through different phrases in their purchase journey, a catch all approach to target users during promotion periods, dynamics to target highly qualified users and we can create audiences based on product/ page views. As a performance marketing agency it’s essential we optimise budgets to their full potential, while retargeting is important, we heavily focus on CTRs and compare to other campaigns running to ensure the budget is being utilised correctly. As mentioned, we see countless agencies overspending on retargeting to inflate ROAS, however reducing the spending can allow a higher ROAS with the same volume of purchases.

    Our remarketing platform also has the potential to prospect new customers. If you’re finding that your ROI is limited on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, prospecting to new users online, or targeting users based on the websites they land on can be really beneficial. 

    Retargeting campaigns can be run via Meta, Google and other platforms to improve coverage, the key is finding the sweet spot to optimise coverage online. At Red Cow Media one of our first tasks when starting a new digital marketing campaign is to do a complete audit of current or previous campaigns, this allows us to understand what hasn’t worked so we can avoid repeating any previous agency’s mistakes. The great thing about retargeting on our partners platform is that budgets can start from as little as £5 per day and we’ve seen countless success stories.

    During sale/ promotion periods, the cost per impression on Meta and Google massively increases, we find using other third party platforms helps to keep costs down and return up!





    Red Cow Media also offers other services to improve our client’s long-term goals. Here are some of the extra services we offer

    CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation helps to improve the user experience through faster checkouts, the most intuitive website structure and competitor analysis. We offer this as a singular service or for our SEO clients it can be built into their overall strategy.

    Website Migrations – one of the most advanced parts of SEO, in which additional monitoring needs to be completed. While some web developers have an understanding of SEO, often redirects and other aspects of a website migration are completed ineffectively; in turn, this can lead to a loss in traffic. We’ve successfully helped many of our clients transition to new content management systems and domains, but we also offer this as a separate service for businesses looking for an ad hoc project.



    Internationalisation – We’ve seen a lot of our UK success stories go international for more than 10 years, so our experience in helping clients with the internationalisation process is outstanding. As a performance based marketing agency we don’t just think about the migration process, we research multiple countries, optimise the websites content using trusted translators we’ve worked with for years, as well as research UX differences in the target country.



    Advertising in multiple countries varies massively with some favouring social media news feeds, others stories and we also consider the creatives being displayed in different countries. With any growing business there’s always a learning/ testing phase when entering a new provenance and our job as an international marketing agency is to help our client through the process as quickly as possible and to display all the findings in an effective way. Internationalisation is certainly a difficult task but Red Cow Media is well equipped to help you through the process.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is It Worth It To Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?
    • Yes, while in-house teams are essential to running a business, lead generation and ecommerce agencies like Red Cow Media offer additional insights difficult for small to medium businesses to replicate. Digital marketing agencies can use insights from previous campaigns, optimise multiple channels and have the ability to highlight performance using multiple tools, something that isn’t cost effective for a singular company.

      Red Cow Media can work as a full service marketing agency to monitor and implement changes for performance campaigns, as well as provide consultation and training for in-house teams.

      Even for larger organisations hiring a digital marketing agency can be worthwhile as you pay a set amount with guarantee work. With in-house teams, wages, holidays and much more need to be factored into the operating costs.

    • What is a Performance Marketing Agency?
    • In short, a performance marketing agency uses data to drive revenue and enquiries. Using data driven insight is a great way to boost conversions fast with the help of tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook and more. At Red Cow Media we’re constantly pushing to further our clients ROAS, conversions as well as the user experience. Performance marketing can be focusing on core pages before branching out to others, driving conversion based ads rather than brand awareness and other hyper focused solutions.

      A good performance based marketing strategy all comes down to communication with the client and consumer. We focus our attention to the goals set by our clients and discuss several options on how to achieve them. 

      Some channels such as Google Ads, Meta (Facebook) and Adroll are fairly straightforward to calculate ROAS and determine their value, however we’re also able to calculate ROI from SEO.

    • Why Choose Red Cow Media for Digital Marketing?
    • Red Cow Media is a full service digital marketing agency. We tailor our campaign to suit the needs of our clients with SEO, Paid Social Media, Google Ads and many other channels helping to support qualified users landing on the website.

      What makes Red Cow Media different is that we don’t have traditional account managers where messages can get lost. The team working on your account, planning and creating reports are the people you speak to on a daily basis. This also reduces cost keeping us very competitive as an agency.

      RCM was created because our founders noticed at their previous agencies that costs are inflated because of unnecessary staffing levels which leads to less work being completed. Making sure our client gets the best value for money from an agency is at the core of what we do. Our expert team is fully trained in all aspects of marketing to assure that our clients receive the very best strategy, rather than account managers from different channels miscommunicating.

      Red Cow Media has also won multiple awards for being the best digital marketing agency in Manchester and the UK with dozens of testimonials and case studies for prospective clients to browse through.

    • Digital Marketing Agency Costs in Manchester
    • Unfortunately, digital marketing companies don’t tend to display costs on their websites. With every brand having different goals and competition, we provide all enquiries with pricing during the proposal stage.

      In our proposals, we highlight the health of the website, its potential and an initial strategy to give you a clear idea of how Red Cow Media operates. For more information on pricing and Red Cow Media, you can get in touch through the contact form or call us on 0161 711 0888.

    • How is Success Measured Through Digital Marketing Campaigns?
    • There are several metrics that we will measure and monitor to assess the success of all of our digital marketing campaigns. The first thing we would refer to is traffic by source. We can compare weeks, months and the previous year; this allows us to see the number of new users and what channel traffic has come through to land on your website. There are other tools we can use to establish an accurate figure on return on advertising spend (ROAS) and analyse all applicable data that helps fuel our next digital marketing strategies.


      We will monitor all of these regularly but we provide all of our clients with a full run-through and in-depth analysis on a monthly report including landing page and keyword reviews. This allows you to see first-hand what the digital marketing campaign has brought to your website and guides us in the next necessary steps.

    • What Sets Your Digital Marketing Agency Apart from Others?
    • Digital marketing agencies in Manchester are very competitive, but when it comes to comparing our success rate and work rate with others, there is a clear difference. We ensure all of our clients receive the highest-quality work and support throughout the whole process and have proven to go above and beyond every month. So much so that we still have our very first client since starting our marketing agency in Manchester.


      When the renewal period comes, you won’t have to worry about costs increasing. No matter what the economic climate is like, we pride ourselves on being reliable to our clients so we offer a fixed rate, although there is also the option to increase or reduce the amount of work we complete on the website.


      We also don’t use the traditional account manager structure. This means that the people who work on your website are also the people you communicate with on a daily basis. This cuts out any additional costs making our digital marketing services much more cost effective compared to our Manchester, London and Leeds competitors.

    • What Kind of Ongoing Reporting Can I Expect from Red Cow Media?
    • We understand that communication is always essential to any working relationship when it comes to digital  marketing and our clients know that there is a clear reporting system whether you prefer weekly or monthly updates. To make sure that you feel comfortable, we advise that we have one monthly report, whether that’s in-person or over video call and we leave that to our client’s discretion, including the time and date the monthly meeting is held.


      Things can happen and plans can change at the last minute so we make sure that our phone lines are open and emails are responded to in a timely manner. Whatever you need, come rain or shine, we will make ourselves available.


      We offer a weekly or monthly in-depth reporting system where we go through any digital marketing campaigns, SEO work, paid advertising and any other services you have used with us and accurately analyse them. This saves a lot of time throughout the month but it also helps our clients see exactly the month-on-month and year-on-year progress they are making with us here at Red Cow Media. 

    • What is the Typical Turnaround Time for Digital Marketing?
    • There is a reason why we are the best digital marketing agency in Manchester, and it’s because we are extremely honest and realistic in telling our clients what to expect based on their goals. Reaping the digital marketing rewards doesn’t come overnight. Here at Red Cow Media, we ensure that everything is completed according to best practices, this will ensure long-term consistency but also growth. We’re proud of our retention here at Red Cow Media with realistic expectations, cutting edge practices and affordable agency fees.


      With the initial start period, we offer a timeline of 3 months to see change when it comes to SEO and just a few weeks when it comes to Google Ads, Social and retargeting. Each brand is different and we’ve worked for competitive law firms, dental practices, men’s and women’s fashion and much more. You can look through our case studies for some of our best results for leading brands.

    • Digital Marketing Agencies vs Freelancer Marketing
    • We understand the debate businesses might have when it comes to deciding whether to go with a digital marketing agency in Manchester or find a freelancer. An agency can deliver in a multitude of ways. We have more than one member of our team working on each client, which means that we are getting a variety of ideas but also that things can be completed in a more efficient manner, leaving you to rest assured that all the work you want to be completed will be done to a high standard and on time. This gives our clients the room to expand and agencies tend to have the option of full service marketing so you can have your Google Ads, SEO and social media marketing all running coherently. While freelancers tend to be more affordable, they tend to be experts in one field.


      While freelancers don’t have the manpower that agencies do, they are a more affordable option for businesses. However, in terms of managing workloads, this wouldn’t be possible for large companies that are expecting an array of results. Agencies also tend to have much more experience and insights, meaning they can use their knowledge of your industry to help propel your business.

    • In-House Teams vs Agency Digital Marketing
    • This one we find really interesting to debate whether a company should hire an in-house team or outsource to a digital marketing company. We believe that while these can work hand in hand, there are some key differences that we have learned along the way.


      Outsourcing to full-service digital marketing agencies to ensure that no matter what day of the week, the work will be completed to a high standard. The reason is that we need to prove that we can deliver the results our clients expect.  As we have had a rich selection of clients from dental to e-commerce brands, we have a variety of skill sets, and each one of our team members brings something different to the table. Not to mention that, in terms of investment, going with a digital marketing agency is more cost-effective than going through the tedious process of hiring and maintaining a strong in-house team.


      In-house teams, you have quick and easy access to them, whether you need to discuss further strategies or know everyone who is working on your business; therefore, you can box off brand familiarity. Here at Red Cow Media, we believe that working on a wide variety of different business types and the knowledge built through that process, alongside the collaborative nature of the agency is a more effective route.

      Agencies need to be researching and learning all new strategies, as well as having experience on other clients to help improve your website. While you can hire an in-house team with great experience, they won’t be able to learn from practices occurring on other websites.

    • What Tools Do You Use to Analyse Website Traffic and Engagement?
    • We use an array of tools to accurately analyse any movement with keywords, traffic and engagement. We use SERP tracking tools, Semrush, GA4 and many others. These tools are always used to keep a close eye on any spikes or dips in traffic and keywords.


      We ensure that all of our clients have a full, detailed run-through in a report. While any significant changes will be reported to clients, we think these full analyses are better done on a monthly or weekly basis, as this not only is more cost-efficient for our clients but also gives a big-picture view of the workload matched with the progress.

    • How can Red Cow Media Help a Business Overcome a Plateau in Website Revenue or Leads?
    • The first thing we do with all of our new clients is a website audit, which allows us to identify any SEO technical issues such as crawl ability, loading time, navigation and any content itself, such as keyword density, up to the standards of Google updates and structure. This will give us all the indications to help us pinpoint any reasons why your keywords aren’t ranking on Google. We understand that businesses have certain expectations and requirements from a marketing campaign, so this will help us to identify where the website is currently and what needs to be done as a part of the short-term and long-term strategy. From here, we can provide a more accurate time frame of your goal results.

      After we’ve identified all optimisation opportunities and useability concerns, we can implement and share our strategy. There will also be extensive keyword research in place, which tells us what array of search terms we could have a chance of ranking for.

      Content optimisation, link building to key search terms, and on-page SEO are the first steps we will implement before we begin to focus on wider, longer-term SEO strategies.