Google Shopping

Google Shopping gets your products in front of prospective customers in a pre-qualified way.

It is one of the advertising channels available in Google AdWords, and is one of the preferred channels for ecommerce brands looking to drive revenue through more qualified search traffic than traditional PPC.

In May 2018, Google reported that Google Shopping ads had accounted for 60% of all advertising clicks from AdWords in the last year for ecommerce websites using both platforms.

So why is Google Shopping so popular?

Whereas PPC in the usual sense is shown as a text based ad when a user performs a related search, Google Shopping appears as a visual image of the product, along with other product descriptors such as the product title, the price, your website URL and any reviews that your product has had from previous users who have purchased it. Due to the visual nature of the adverts, and also the extent of information displayed, Google Shopping ads are the perfect way to make sure our paid search traffic is more qualified as users clicking through have seen the item and it’s cost prior to their visit to the website.

This is particularly useful for brands operating in a really competitive sector that could work out expensive using traditional paid search methods, or for high end brands who have a higher product cost that could be a potential barrier to purchase when users come to the site through text based ads. This also means that Google Shopping typically drives a better Return on Investment than text ads, as the user sees your products before they click – meaning you don’t spend unless they’re interested.

Google Shopping listings are managed in the form of either an automated or manual product feed in the Google Merchant Centre platform. This is configured from your website, and then optimised before pulling through to Google AdWords, and is then managed through the same dashboard as PPC advertising.

At Red Cow Media, our Google Shopping management service is focussed specifically on return on investment from your paid search spends. This is done through a data focussed and revenue driven approach to Shopping campaigns, using performance metrics that actually matter to your business. Having built up our reputation over the past few years as one of the UK’s most successful ecommerce agencies, your Google Shopping campaigns could not be in better hands.

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