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Red Cow Media are a multi-award winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester City Centre.

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Digital Marketing & SEO

Founded in 2013 as specialists in SEO, Red Cow have grown to encompass all aspects of Digital Marketing by acquiring top talent from within the digital sector. Having been founded by digital marketing experts who had worked in SEO at an international level, our PPC and paid search department is also headed-up by a former in-house Google PPC specialist, giving us unique insight in to the inner workings of the platform and ensuring clients benefit from the extent of knowledge gained – this is further backed up by our Google Partner status.

Since our inception, Red Cow have helped clients achieve real and tangible returns on their investment on a local, national and international basis. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see a local client going national or a national client going international as a result of our contribution to their online marketing efforts.

We’re different to most digital agencies in that we don’t see digital marketing as a specialist IT/technical investment with complicated language and endless acronyms, we see it as a plain and simple marketing investment – if you spend ‘X’ amount per month, you want to see 10x that returned in revenue generated.

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition?

Having been set up by directors with both in-house and agency side experience, we were actively seeking to remove frustrations from within the agency model such as sales teams who over promise, non-technical people attending client meetings and needless intermediaries relaying inaccurate information.

Our sole focus is at a service level, investing more time and resource in to talented people and in depth training to achieve the best results, rather than flashy representatives that don’t contribute anything tangible to campaigns.

Perhaps the most important difference though, is our attitude towards results. To us, digital marketing is an investment and every report and every piece of information we give you will relate back to how much you have spent and how many enquiries/sales it has returned; only then is it possible to make a valid analysis of the success of a digital marketing campaign. We know that if we do our job and provide a great return on investment, that as a client you will increase budgets and we grow as you grow in the long term.

We communicate to clients on a level they are comfortable with, some are more technically minded than others and we alter our approach to suit the situation. For those clients who aren’t as clued up on digital marketing, we aim to teach as we go along as we’ve found the more a client understands what we do, the better it is for both parties.

Our Values

Honesty, integrity, knowledge and results are the four main values we stand by. Independent client feedback consistently associates us with these traits and it is something we work very hard on to ensure it runs through the company at every level.

In addition to our company values, we are also very proud to be a certified Living Wage Employer.

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A Living Wage Employer

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