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Get real results from your Facebook Advertising

As a leading Facebook advertising agency in Manchester, we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve tangible results from your Facebook ads. With an ROI driven approach and experience that spans the lifetime of social media advertising since its very inception, our team is here to deliver the results you need to grow your revenue from Facebook ads. Contact us to find out why we’re trusted by some of the world’s largest brands including boohoo and Gymshark.

Facebook ads work incredibly well across a vast range of business sectors, and can be equally effective when used to drive conversions and revenue for ecommerce brands, or for enquiries and lead generation. Whilst strategies may vary depending on the nature of your business and your goals, having a specialist Facebook advertising agency who knows the platform inside out is imperative to get the most from your ads. Investing in Facebook Advertising can often be hit and miss, with many agencies adding paid social media as a service whilst lacking the levels of experience needed to understand the intricacies of the Facebook Business platform. At Red Cow Media, we’re different. We take a unique, data driven approach that focuses primarily on ROAS, drawing on our extensive experience to deliver real results that help drive our clients’ businesses forwards.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner agency, we pride ourselves on our in depth understanding of the Facebook Business Manager platform. Having first encountered Facebook ads way back in 2012 before even forming the agency, one of our directors was part of the original feedback panel for the introduction of Facebook newsfeed advertising, making us one of the most experienced Facebook advertising agencies in the UK. Over time, our knowledge has progressed and grown as the platform itself evolved into what it is today. Now, Facebook ads are incredibly sophisticated in their offering, with the ability to target prospective and returning customers in a range of different ways and formats. 

Why choose Red Cow Media as your Facebook ads agency?

Staying true to our roots, we continue our tradition of innovation and are always at the forefront of new and emerging techniques in paid social advertising. We consistently deliver results for our clients, and this has led to independently conducted feedback associating us with honesty, transparency and results on a regular basis. Not only do we have the experience and knowledge of Facebook ads, as a digital marketing agency we have the background knowledge of other digital marketing services and how they intertwine with Facebook advertising to generate the best possible results for your business. As a Facebook Business Partner agency, we’re also recognised as being an approved Facebook As provider.

Don’t just take our word for it, though, the proof’s in the pudding! Take a look at some of our Facebook Advertising case studies to see the kind of results we’ve delivered for some of our clients over time. If you have any questions, don’t be shy! We’re a friendly team and welcome any opportunity to talk to people about one of our greatest passions, so get in touch to discuss further.

FAQs About Facebook Advertising Services

  • Are Facebook Advertising services right for my business?

  • Facebook Ads have seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years, and rightfully so! We typically see high returns on ad spend from paid Facebook advertising when compared to other digital marketing services, which is a primary reason that most of our clients opt for Facebook Advertising as a viable channel. There are other marked benefits too, such as the fact that it can get going comparatively quickly and provide results on an almost instantaneous basis. If you have a Facebook Advertising agency with the relevant experience to support you, they should be able to advise as to whether Facebook is a viable channel for your business, or if there are alternative paid social media services that may be better suited to your goals. If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’d be happy to help advise you.

  • Why should I use a Facebook Advertising agency in Manchester?

  • Although Facebook Ads management as a service can be conducted from anywhere due to its digital nature, if you’re a business based in Manchester (or within commutable distance of Manchester), you may want to opt for a Facebook Advertising agency in Manchester if you like to have face to face meetings with your appointed agency. As part of our way of working, we like to have face to face meetings with our clients at least once per quarter, although this is not a necessity of having a well performing campaign, and we have Facebook Advertising clients both in the Manchester area and far beyond. Indeed, many of our clients are based in London and we have a number that are based overseas. Whilst it’s not imperative for Manchester based businesses to have a paid social media agency in Manchester, many do find it preferable.

  • How long does it take to set up Facebook Advertising with an agency?

  • The length of time it takes to set up Facebook Advertising will depend on the stage you’re currently at. The majority of our clients already have their Facebook Ad account set up and configured ready for ads to run, which makes the transition from either a previous agency or in house staff fairly seamless. In this instance, we can typically get Facebook ads back running within a week or two, although this will depend on the data within your account as it may take longer if a full restructure is needed. If you haven’t got to that stage yet, though, and your account isn’t set up there’s no need to worry. Your chosen Facebook Advertising agency will be able to do everything for you, but it may take slightly longer to get everything ready for your ads to run. If you would like to discuss timescales that are more specific to you, get in touch and one of our team would be happy to discuss your requirements and the likely duration for set up.

  • Why should I choose Red Cow Media as my Facebook Advertising agency?

  • At Red Cow Media, we’ve been doing paid Facebook advertising since the Facebook platform first launched behavioural and demographic based advertising using the Social Graph….for those who don’t know, that was a lot of years ago! As a registered Facebook Business Partner, Facebook Advertising management is now one of our core service areas as an agency, and one where we particularly excel for our clients. We have a number of Facebook Advertising case studies that demonstrate our track record with leading brands such as Gymshark and boohoo.com. If you’re still unsure, get in touch and ask us as many questions as you like!