Windowless Planes Could Be With Us In Under A Decade

Stephen McCance October 28, 2014

Windowless planes could be with us in under 10 years thanks to UK technology innovation firm CPI (Centre for Process Innovation).

Scared of flying? Don’t like the idea of being 35,000 feet up in the air with only a thin coating of aluminium surrounding you? Well, you might want to avoid what looks to be the next generation of plane. A UK based technology company called CPI (Centre for Process Innovation) has designed a form of windowless plane that actually makes you feel like you are sitting on your seat in mid air.

They use a series of ultra high quality, flexible OLED screens that will be fitted throughout the interior of the aircraft. Cameras outside would record your surroundings and then the screens would display it, giving you the feeling that you are sat in all glass capsule.

Windowless Plane - OLED Screens

Of course, this wouldn’t be fun for everyone. With aerophobia (fear of flying) being so frequent it is likely that many people would rather sail to their destination than get on a plane that feels like it made out of glass. Either way, it is a cool piece of kit, there is no denying that.

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