7 Brilliant websites for free stock images

Stephen McCance January 12, 2015

Searching for stock images can be a difficult and tedious task, not to mention expensive. We’ve found seven of our favourite free stock image websites for you to browse for all of your imagery needs!

If you’ve ever tried to search for free stock images on the internet, you’ll probably find it to be one of the biggest search hassles going. This isn’t unusual – as a rule, free stock photos are very difficult to come across and even when you do manage to find one, you’ll probably notice that they are low resolution, stamped with that pesky watermark and extremely dull.

So to help, we’ve done our homework and have come across the top 7 websites for high-quality, inspiring and completely free stock photos. Enjoy!

1. Pixabay
Pixabay created their website due to the exact reason we’ve written this blog. Pixabay offer users everything from vectors, drawings to a selection of photography and allow you to use their images without attribution in digital and printed form – even better!


2. Unsplash
Unsplash is a great little website to visit if you’re in need of beautiful landscape or scenic photography. Ten new photos are added to the site daily, all in high-resolution and all free of charge, however attribution is required.


3. Picjumbo
Picjumbo is great for searching through images due to it’s easy navigation. Specialising in them ever popular food shots, the site’s images are all of a high-resolution with no attribution required.


4. Gratisography
Created by abstract artist and designer, Ryan Mcguire, Gratisography features some of the most unique stock images on the internet. All of a high-resolution, completely free and with no attribution required, Gratisography is a great site to browse for something a little bit different.


5. Picography
Picography is a scroll-through gallery of random shots submitted by a collection of professional photographers. As put by the site, “Free hi-resolution photos. Use them however you like.” You can’t say fairer than that?


6. Albumarium
With Albumarium, you search by album and get a full collection of images related to your subject. With popular albums such as, City Life, RedHeads and the obvious one, cats, the site is profound for its mixture of modern and vintage styles.


7. Death to the Stock Photo
Death to the Stock Photo was set up by two photographers who wanted to help brands, bloggers and creatives find that one image they’ve been crawling the internet for. Images are emailed monthly on a free or subscription basis. The high-resolution images range from gadgets to lifestyle to relaxing nature shots to working in a coffee shop.

Death to the Stock Photo

Before you use any photo found on the web, you need to make sure that you’re following their guidelines of attribution – not every photo on Google image search is free to immediately use. When looking for your images, make sure you go onto the source website where you should should find a clear definition of the copyright licence of each image.
If there are some images which include attribution, you simply need to credit the creator of the photo when you use it.

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