Viral Ad of the Week – 2nd of July

Stephen McCance July 2, 2014

This week we have chosen something a bit different for our Viral Video Ad of the Week, its neither funny, nor adventurous, so why have we chosen it? Find out more here.

Whilst we usually go for something funny or cute, take ‘Dear Kitten’ for example, or something amazing like Danny McAskill’s incredible bike stunts for Red Bull, this week we have chosen to go for something a little bit different for our Viral Video Ad of the Week. This advert from Pantene has almost 3.5million views since it was released around two weeks ago, despite being neither funny, nor adrenaline-filled. What it is, though, is powerful. Speaking to women everywhere, the video ad urges women to stop habitually apologising and, instead, promotes self confidence with the strapline “help us share the strength #ShineStrong”. We found ourselves smiling at the ad in recognition that its completely right….Women, stop apologising!

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