Viral Ad of the Week – 12th of June

Stephen McCance June 12, 2014

Filled with stunts, here’s our Red Cow Viral Video Ad of the Week for the 12th of June. Enjoy!

This week’s Viral Video Ad of the Week was a tough one, even more so than usual! We were torn between the most viewed video on YouTube of the past week, which, with over 11 million views, is a dancing Korean toddler (we know, but trust us, its hilarious!) and the one that has eventually won our vote. As the Korean toddler wasn’t strictly an ad, this week’s Viral Video Ad of the Week goes to this outstanding performance from the incredible Danny McAskill in the latest offering from Red Bull. As well as having fabulous stunts, the video also has a story that centres around the area and is told throughout the video. We were also taken with the standard of the video itself, which is incredibly well-filmed and put together. Let us know what you think!

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