The results of the football bet are in!

Stephen McCance May 12, 2014

Having a Liverpool fan and a Manchester City fan in the same office has led to a whole world of football banter flying around the Red Cow office in the lead up to yesterday’s Premier League decider.

During the final weeks of the Premier League, the boys of the office decided to have a bet on the result, with each member of the team adamant that their team would emerge victorious! As the competition drew to a close with the race to the title neck and neck, our resident Liverpool supporter and Man City supporter were left to battle it out amongst themselves. In the red corner, swinging his Liverpool flag with vigour was our Commercial Director, Matt – a staunch Liverpool supporter – and in the blue corner, blasting Blue Moon from the office iBase, was our Search Marketing Manager, Ste – an avid Manchester City fan. Obviously, there had to be a loser. After yesterday’s decider, this morning marked an interesting scene with Matt being forced to decorously celebrate Man City’s victory….here he is, giving us his happy face!

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