Dental SEO

At Red Cow Media, we’re specialists in dental SEO, helping dental practices all across the country significantly improve their organic visibility, traffic to their website and qualified leads that enable their business to succeed like never before. We are very results driven as an agency and each member of our team is highly passionate about transforming your business. Contact us today to see how we can do it! 

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Introducing Dental SEO

Dental SEO services are all about improving your online visibility, specifically in search engines, so that when your target audience searches for specific terms related to your business, it’s you who appears first. By carefully selecting the most effective keywords in the initial stages of the dental SEO campaign, we can make sure that we are producing high quality leads. 

This, paired with highly engaging content on the landing page, results in highly qualified users coming to your website and becoming patients of yours for years to come. We never focus on vanity metrics, but always on not only delivering traffic to the website, but ensuring they translate into patients, as that’s always our end goal that we never lose sight of. 

Now we’ve explained what it is that we are able to achieve when you choose Red Cow Media as your dental SEO specialists, you can learn a bit more about how we do it. 

Core Stages Of Our Dental SEO Strategy

Dental SEO Audit

The first stage of our dental SEO strategy is the auditing phase, started by completing an advanced technical audit on your website. Website development and SEO are very closely related, as without an engaging website that loads quickly and provides a great experience for the user, your SEO strategy won’t be able to thrive. This is why we work closely with your website developers, as well as having a strong technical knowledge ourselves, to ensure your website is in the strongest possible position to establish competitive ranking positions and also to provide a website that delivers what modern consumers expect. If your website isn’t good enough, users will simply go elsewhere, so maximising the potential of your website is a vital part of the process. 

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At this point, we will also conduct a thorough dental SEO audit, to break down your website, highlight strengths and weaknesses and formulate a plan for the first stages of the strategy. For example, if you have a page on your website that is already driving good amounts of traffic and enquiries, we won’t go straight in and make changes as this could be detrimental to the existing traffic. Instead, we look at how to build on existing levels of traffic to take your dental SEO, and your business, to another level. 

On-Page Dental SEO

Following the auditing phase, we begin our on-page dental SEO strategy. This involves conducting thorough keyword research and selecting the optimal keywords for your website, then utilising this information to optimise your website using a vast range of techniques. From writing and optimising the content itself to metadata, alt tags, heading structures and internal linking, we always strike the ideal balance between SEO and user experience. This includes making sure that the website is optimised for mobile, which is more important than ever before! On-page SEO is an ongoing process, through which we can also suggest new pages to attract completely new users that you may not have had access to before. Of course, you will always be involved in the process, giving you insight into exactly why we have chosen what we have. Strong on-page dental SEO is the hub of your overall SEO strategy. 

Off-Page Dental SEO

Something that sets us apart from competitors with our dental SEO strategies is our focus on link building, citations and directories to build the authority of your website. So many agencies take on the mentality that link building is outdated and not necessary yet this is simply not the case, and is often said because it is a time consuming task and one that many people don’t know how to do well. High-quality, relevant backlinks have such a significant impact on your rankings, which is why building a strong link profile is a consistent focus throughout the campaign. 

Technical Dental SEO

Another point of difference for us is our focus on technical SEO, which is becoming increasingly important, as it has been a consistent focus in many of Google’s recent algorithm updates. Technical SEO is often overlooked, yet focusing on crawling, indexing, rich snippets and a strong website hierarchy is vital. This is a complex area of dental SEO that can often be ignored, yet it can be transformative when it comes to remaining competitive. 

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Dental SEO Reporting

Last but certainly not least we have dental SEO reporting, as we give you as much insight as possible into your campaign and are always honest about the progress, as this is the best way to ensure ongoing success. We break down every piece of work we have done for the month to show you exactly where your return on investment is coming from, both month on month, and year on year, which we find is a better indication of long-term dental SEO progress. 

Our reports are never half-hearted, with random screenshots or automatically exported data, but completely tailored commentaries of the data and how we are going to adapt our plans if necessary based on our observations. We always arrange monthly report meetings to go through everything and confirm our plans for the rest of the month. 

We pride ourselves on being different and getting you the best dental SEO results possible, so if you’re ready to see it for yourself, contact us today.

How Dental SEO Can Transform Your Business

Whilst other components of digital marketing can be effective for your business, we have consistently found that dental SEO services provide the best return on investment. SEO is a long term investment for your business and it does require time, however when you are prepared for this, you will be able to benefit from the fantastic ongoing benefits once you have a strong strategy in place. Dental SEO provides long term stability when you work to maintain the results that you have achieved, which is a significant benefit over paid channels for example, which can fluctuate significantly in terms of the budget required depending on what competitors are spending. 

Dental SEO services are also often the most efficient use of your marketing budget, as you are targeting users who are looking for exactly what you offer (when you target the correct keywords, which we pride ourselves in). Rather than aimlessly spending on radio adverts or billboard advertising where you never know the exact return you are getting, with dental SEO, you are investing your money in people who are already looking for your services, and allowing them to come straight to you. Then, you know exactly where those users have come from and can use this data to streamline the campaign even further.

Reviews From Our Clients

  • “We’ve been working with Red Cow for over 18 months now and their depth of knowledge of online marketing surpasses other agencies we’ve dealt with before, and then some. They don’t stop at delivering rankings, they proactively come up with ways to turn the increased traffic into actual enquiries, which is a point missed by most marketing people. Highly recommended.” – Mike Saul


  • “I have worked with Red Cow for 6 months now and the service has been excellent. I have been running my own business for well over 30 years and I had let the digital world pass me by. When I decided to do something about it Kelly and her team were able to explain a very complicated process in the simple terms that someone with my knowledge understands. The feedback is great and in 6 months we have gone from nowhere on a Google search to first page, which I think says it all.” – Paul Humphreys


  • “We received exceptional service from Red Cow Media, extremely knowledgeable in their field and suggested quite a few strategies that we hadn’t heard mentioned at all while doing our rounds at all of the other SEO agencies in Manchester.” – Sarah Hewitt

The Local Component of Dental SEO

A vital component of a successful dental SEO campaign is focusing on the local element of SEO. Targeting national keywords like “Invisalign”, “Dental Implants” or “Teeth Whitening” can be an important part of a strategy from a brand awareness perspective, however in terms of driving qualified leads, it’s the local dental SEO that really makes the difference.

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When it comes to services like dentistry, people are inevitably going to be looking for a practice close to them, so local SEO for dentists is the best way to refine your strategy and maximise your budget to translate traffic into patients. If you do not optimise your website locally, then you will also be competing with some of the country’s most competitive dental websites, without much chance of actually gaining any patients as it will be unlikely that someone searching for national terms will happen to live in your area, or be happy to travel miles each time they have an appointment. Local dental SEO is really where your strong return on investment comes in, as we are confident that we can give you the competitive edge you need over your local competitors through your online visibility. 

Effective local dental SEO also ties in very closely with your Google My Business profile, which we will also optimise as part of your local SEO strategy, to make sure that you are appearing in the relevant MAP packs for your business. MAP packs, the location based results you may see on Google showing different businesses on a map, are becoming increasingly important, as it helps you to dominate the search engine results pages even more so than with organic rankings alone. MAP packs appear for most local search terms, such as “cosmetic dentist Manchester” or “preventative dentistry in London”, so if you don’t appear, people are likely to visit the website of someone who is in the MAP pack rather than yours. So, local SEO for dentists is a fantastic opportunity to maximise your exposure as a business.

What Makes Us Different At Red Cow Media

From our years of experience, we know that SEO can be very complex and competitive, so it may be difficult to kn0w whimage of parliamentary review mention for dental SEO pageich direction to take when it comes to choosing an agency for your dental SEO. However, we take a completely different approach to most agencies where we involve you in the process so you understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how our strategy is going to result in your business thriving.

We are experts in SEO for dental practices, with our founders and team having years of experience in the industry and knowing how to constantly evolve with the ever changing industry to get the best possible results. A one-size-fits-all approach is never an option, which is why we don’t offer any kind of set dental SEO services or packages, but instead we take the time to get to know you and your business to create a bespoke strategy for your goals. As mentioned, one thing to know about us is that we also always have an eye on the bottom line, as driving significant amounts of traffic to your website means nothing if you aren’t gaining patients from it. We have consistently achieved fantastic results for our clients, executing each element of our strategies with absolute passion for what we do, which we strongly believe is vital in our industry. We are competitive in our industry and are here to make you money, so if you’re looking for a committed team who are ready and waiting to get you the return on investment you need for your dental SEO, then contact us today.

Dental SEO FAQs

  • What is dental SEO?
  • Dental SEO is all about improving the online visibility of your dental practices’ website. When a user searches for a term relating to your website, you will appear at the top of the results on the search engine. The way that this is achieved is through a wide variety of both on-page dental SEO (optimising meta data, internal links and alt tags, writing and optimising engaging content, heading structures, just to name a few) and off-page dental SEO (building authority to the website through link building, business directories and citations), to show search engines that your website is one that can be trusted and shown to Google’s users. 

    The key to dental SEO is not just driving traffic to the website, but carefully crafting the strategy about bringing qualified users to the website who go on to become patients, which is done through carefully selecting a variety of keywords for each page. Dental SEO provides one of the best returns on investment when done properly, so put your trust in us and we’re ready and waiting to show you SEO how it should be done, to transform your business. 

  • Is the local component of dental SEO important?
  • Whilst targeting national keywords can be an important part of an SEO strategy, the key focus in dental SEO is on the local component. Of course, patients want to find a practice local to them, so targeting localised keywords is essential. Rather than targeting only general terms like “Invisalign”, you would focus on keywords like “Invisalign Glasgow”, “Invisalign Wolverhampton” or “Invisalign Cheltenham” in a local SEO strategy, as the users searching for these terms that are local to them are highly likely to find what they are looking for in your business. These terms are also less competitive, so even though levels of traffic may not be as high, you will almost certainly significantly increase the enquiries your dental practice receives by taking on a local approach predominantly, which is what local SEO for dentists is about. 

    Building a strong Google My Business profile is also a key component of local dental SEO, as this will help your business to appear in the MAP pack when people are searching for local keywords, as well as building trust for your website. Properly optimising your Google My Business profile can act as a powerful pillar to support the overall dental SEO strategy.

  • Does your dental SEO agency have experience with other practices?
  • As a dental SEO agency, we have worked with dental practices of all sizes. From large national dental practices to SEO for cosmetic dentists and also general practices, we have experience driving highly qualified users to dental websites and helping practices to build strong and reliable customer bases. We are extremely passionate about what we do and this is reflected in the results we are able to achieve. 

    Although we have vast amounts of experience in dental SEO, we are strong believers that every client is different and so is the approach needed. This is why we never offer any set packages or standard pricing, but every component of our approach is completely custom to each and every client. We use our experience and knowledge, then get to know your business and your specific goals, to make sure the best possible dental SEO strategy is established to transform your business and help you to establish long term success.

  • Do you offer services other than SEO for dentists?
  • At Red Cow Media, we offer all components of digital marketing, from dental SEO to paid search, internationalisation services, social media marketing, retargeting, website migrations and conversion rate optimisation

    Something that we pride ourselves on is never suggesting services for the sake of it, but carefully analysing your businesses and goals to make sure that we achieve your business goals and stay within your budget. For example, if we feel that dental SEO alone is sufficient in helping you to achieve your goals, that is what we will suggest. If we think PPC will be a good component to support your search engine visibility whilst organic rankings increase, that is something we will recommend. Perhaps you want to focus on brand awareness as a new business, in which temporary social media campaigns might be an option. 

    After enquiring, we will take initial details after which one of our founders will call you directly to find out what you are wanting to achieve, then we can put together a proposal (including an outline of all costs) to show you what it will take to get there. We want to help businesses thrive, and unlike many other agencies, selling unnecessary services isn’t the way to do it! However, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you everything under one roof should you require it, including dental SEO.

  • How competitive is the dental SEO sector?
  • The dental SEO sector is increasingly competitive, as more businesses are realising the long term value it provides. Many dental practices will have been investing in SEO for years, however we have a track record of out-ranking very well established websites thanks to our bespoke approach to SEO strategies. 

    An important part of every dental SEO strategy is a thorough competitor analysis, where we look at a wide range of ranking factors and identify what your website is missing and where there are opportunities to take advantage of other websites weaknesses. So, the other websites who are trying to rank for the same keywords as you may have the benefit of having a good amount of authority, however if we can make sure that we take advantage of 20 other ranking factors that other websites aren’t, we will simply rank above them. 

    To summarise, it is never too late to start dental SEO services, especially when you choose the right agency. There is no better time than the present to invest in your website’s online visibility than now, so get in touch with us and we can get started on helping you to transform your business.

  • How much time does it take to see results from dental SEO?
  • The time it takes to see results from dental SEO services depends on a number of factors, mainly whether you currently have any rankings and also how much authority your website has. For example, if you come to us unhappy with your current dental SEO agency and have established some rankings and the website has a decent authority, noticeable progress should come within 3-6 months. If when you first come to us your website is very new or has never had work done on it before, results may be closer towards 6-12 months. 

    This is just a ballpark, as we have found that many of our clients see progress quicker than this. The great thing about dental SEO is that often it is the localised keywords that are a focus, which are less competitive so you are likely to see results more quickly than a fashion website targeting highly competitive keywords with hundreds of thousands of searches, for example. 

    The important thing to remember with dental SEO is that when you give it time and continue to invest in it, you will reap the benefits long term as a business. We are always very honest about how long it may take to see results, but we are confident that they will come, so contact us today to get started!

  • How does dental SEO pricing work?
  • Part of what makes our dental SEO agency unique is that we don’t offer set dental SEO services or pricing. Everything we do is completely bespoke to your business, your goals and your timeframes, and no single strategy can be applied to every dental practice. This is why we take the time to get to know your business before we put together a full no-obligation proposal, where all costs will be clearly outlined and discussed in relation to the results you are wanting to achieve.

  • What does dental SEO mean for dentists?
  • There are endless benefits of dental SEO for dentists, with one of the main ones being value for money. With dental SEO, you are targeting people who are looking for exactly what you offer, so when someone searches for something like “dental implants Central London”, your website appears. The budget that is spent on SEO goes so much further in terms of qualified reach than other channels, as rather than reaching out to people who may or may not be interested in having a treatment done through paid channels, you are making sure that you are appearing when people are actively looking for that treatment in the area your practice is in (when dental SEO is done well). This means that your budget is used much more efficiently, even if it is a longer process, and with continued maintenance work, you can maintain strong positions for years to come. Dental SEO only gets better with time, helping to provide stability in terms of both budget and revenue, that the paid channels like PPC and Facebook can’t always offer.

  • Will enquiries from dental SEO be qualified?
  • In terms of the impact that dental SEO has for dentists, when it is done well, you will notice an increase in the number of highly qualified users coming to your website, which then translates into patients. By highly qualified, we mean users who are going to land on the website and are very likely to find what they are looking for, then go on to make an inquiry. This can be controlled through careful keyword selection in the initial stages of the dental SEO campaign. For example, if your catchment area is specifically Salford, we will make sure that every keyword we select reflects that location. It would be useless for us to target keywords like “Invisalign Cheshire”, for people to then land on the website and find that your practice is way out of their area. So, focusing on highly relevant keywords that are localised to your practice within the dental SEO campaign helps to make sure that we are bringing relevant traffic to the website, not just any traffic. Afterall, we are very strong believers that traffic to your website doesn’t mean much without any of them becoming users, so qualified traffic is always a focus for us in our dental SEO strategies.

  • Can dental SEO help convert new patients into repeating customers?
  • Dental SEO absolutely can help to convert new patients into repeat customers, as when it is done well, SEO should be targeting users who are looking for exactly what you offer, within your catchment area. We have found that many of our dental SEO clients want to focus on both shorter term treatments as well as those looking for a new permanent practice. So, within the strategy, we will be able to target both treatment specific keywords that are highly profitable short term, like dental implants, Invisalign, veneers or teeth whitening, for example. Alongside those keywords, we can also target those surrounding oral hygiene, check-ups, general dentistry, and so on. So, we can carefully tailor the dental SEO campaign to make sure that we are aligning the strategy with the goals for your business, whether it be shorter term treatments, longer term repeating patients or a combination of the two.

  • How many clients can I expect from dental SEO?
  • The number of clients you can expect from dental SEO really depends on what you are aiming to achieve and also your budgets. Firstly, the more you spend, the more keywords we are able to focus on, and subsequently the more enquiries and traffic that will come through. 

    In terms of what you are aiming to achieve with your dental SEO, it all depends on the treatments you are wanting to push. For example, if you are wanting to focus on bringing new patients to your practice to come in for regular check-ups, then the keywords we could target are broader and generally get more searches each month. This might take longer to establish a strong ranking position, however these patients are likely to stay with you and have a good lifetime value as a customer. 

    However, if you wanted to push more specific services like dental implants, less people might search for it each month, however you need less enquiries to make a good ROAS from your initial dental SEO spend. 

    In a proposal after you enquire about SEO for dentists, we can look at the different areas you are wanting to focus on, how many people search for them each month, and how many enquiries you can expect to get as a result of ranking in different positions for them.

  • Are all dental practices using dental SEO?
  • Dental SEO is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a fantastic return and a stability that other marketing channels can’t always offer. SEO is perfectly suited to dental practices, as people can be targeted very carefully in terms of both what they are looking for and their location, resulting in highly qualified users coming through to your website. The competitive world of dentistry is changing and becoming more reliant on marketing as a point of difference from other practices, and as there are only so many people within your catchment area, remaining competitive is important. That’s where dental SEO comes in, helping to build trust with an increased online visibility, as well as bringing patients to your door.