PLouise Cosmetics


The following improvements were made within the first 4 months of the digital marketing campaign:

  • 189% increase in overall online revenue
  • 232% increase in revenue from Organic traffic
  • 182% increase in number of online transactions
  • Consistent ROAS of 11x from paid social media advertising (post iOS14)
  • 46% increase in Organic traffic
  • 71% increase in online conversion rate
  • A wide range of primary keywords ranking above mainstream competitors such as Mac, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury and even L’Oreal


When we began working with PLouise Cosmetics, they had built up a great brand presence on social media, particularly Instagram and TikTok, and had gained somewhat of a cult following amongst makeup artists and beauty professionals. Outside of some low level paid social media advertising such as boosted posts and email marketing, however, they had done no other digital marketing activity and their website was no longer fit for purpose. We immediately saw huge potential to branch out the brand’s online presence into other channels, including the addition of SEO, Google Ads and other paid social media channels, as well as re-structuring and growing their existing Facebook and Instagram advertising into formal adverts rather than boosted posts.

What We Did

Before we were able to implement our digital marketing strategy, there was a lot of work needed on the website itself. PLouise were considering a change of website platform as their current solution wasn’t supporting their ambitions for growth. As registered Shopify Partners, we suggested Shopify Plus, which was eventually the chosen platform. Once the developers had completed the new website build, we then had to complete a full SEO migration in order to keep any authority that had been accrued on their old website, as well as maintaining their currently levels of organic traffic, which was primarily from branded search terms since all URLs were changing into a completely new structure. At the same time, we thoroughly researched keyword opportunities in line with the PLouise products, and completed on page optimisation for all pages.

Once the website was live, we completely restructured their Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as setting up TikTok advertising, Pinterest Advertising and AdRoll remarketing, creating new audience segments in line with a full funnel approach. Additionally, we set up Google Ads and created feeds to support Google Shopping Ads.

The Results

As a result of our work, PLouise Cosmetics saw a phenomenal uplift in traffic and, most importantly, revenue across all channels, so much so that the campaigns began reaching annual KPIs that were set at the outset of the digital marketing activity within the first 4 months of the campaign.

The SEO saw particular success, our comprehensive and statistically driven approach to SEO saw them begin to rank ahead of mainstream cosmetics brand competitors such as Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Cosmetics, Nars and even L’Oreal within a few short months for highly competitive keywords such as ‘eyeshadow palette’, ‘eyeshadow base’, ‘lashes’ and ‘makeup brushes’.

The paid advertising also saw huge success within a short period of time, with consistent ROAS of between 7x and 11x spend across paid social media channels (post iOS14) for always on campaigns, and ROAS as high as 27x during sale and incentive campaigns.

Overall, the campaign has been one of our most successful client stories to date.