2014 Open Championship For Twitter

Stephen McCance July 18, 2014

To celebrate the 2014 Open Championship we analysed the top British players accounts and Ian Poulter ended up coming out on top ahead of Lee Westwood. In last place was Justin Rose.

We decided to analyse the Twitter accounts of the top 6 British players in the world of golf to see who was the most influential and the most active on the social media site. We took the amount of followers, length of time on the site, number of tweets and the tweet per day ratio in to account in order to find out who won. Of course there will be always be opinions on what counts more, the number of followers or the amount of activity, we took the opinion that activity with a reasonable amount of followers is the ideal ratio so in Rory McIlroys case, he lost out to Graeme McDowell despite having 1 million more followers.

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