October 2023 Core Algorithm Update: What We Know So Far

Kelly White October 9, 2023

On the 5th of October, Google announced the launch of a new core algorithm update – aptly named the October Core Algorithm Update – which is expected to fully roll out over the next couple of weeks. This announcement marks the third core algorithm update in 2023, which is a seemingly new tactic from Google, or perhaps an attempt to limit damage caused following the August core update. 

In its early years, Google only made one or two updates to the algorithms annually, but now it’s working through thousands of algorithm changes each year. Although most of these are unnoticeable, these core updates can result in major algorithm changes which can then have huge impacts on the SERPs.

What We Know So Far

Although it’s still early days, it’s believed that the October 2023 core algorithm update is one which is linked closely with the spam update Google announced earlier this week. This update is set to enhance coverage across multiple languages and analyse various types of spam, such as cloaking, hacked and auto-generated spam content. It’s said that this update was prompted as a result of community feedback who have begun seeing increased spam results within their native languages. It’s also rumoured that this may be an early and initial response by Google to the increasing, and sometimes excessive use of AI generated content on websites, which is still largely at an inferior quality level without any form of human input or editing.

Things To Remember About Core Algorithm Updates


  • Google’s core algorithm updates can lead to both short-term and long-lasting fluctuations in keyword rankings and, consequently, website traffic. Some sites may see significant fluctuations, either positively or negatively, whilst other websites can remain completely unaffected. 
  • Remember, Google puts an emphasis on high-quality, authoritative and relevant content, so websites that focus on this are more likely to improve or maintain their rankings when algorithm updates are rolled out. 
  • If your website is affected by core updates, then it’s important to analyse where the differences lie and which areas of your site were most impacted before looking for areas to make improvements. 

What To Do Now

Whenever Google announces an update to its algorithms, it’s important to understand that your website can either improve or perform worse in the SERPs than it did before. However, whilst core updates can cause fluctuations in your website traffic and rankings, it’s important to be patient and continue making improvements to your website, keeping in mind the previous Google E-E-A-T update and writing content that is helpful and beneficial to website users. Avoid making any rash or impulsive decisions which may only cause negative end results once the update has rolled out in full. Knee jerk reactions may make things worse in the long term, so we strongly suggest monitoring things over the next couple of weeks. If following a period of analysis you find that your rankings and organic traffic are still suffering as a result of the October 2023 core algorithm update, we’d then suggest speaking to someone who can help, and considering an SEO recovery strategy.

If you have any questions about the latest Google core update, or would like some assistance on your SEO strategy, contact Red Cow Media and one of our expert team will be happy to help.

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