Google’s new logo – Spot the difference

Stephen McCance May 27, 2014

Today it was found that what has become one of the most easily recognisable and well known logos in the world has been changed….so why is it that nobody seems to have noticed?

Either an avid Google fan, or someone with far too much time on their hands has today pointed out that Google has changed their iconic logo, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it looks exactly the same as before. The news that their logo had changed spread like wildfire throughout the online world with Google fans and users alike rushing to the site to see the difference for themselves….only to be disappointed when they got there to find a logo that looks, well, identical to the previous one.
So what exactly has Google changed? Changes have been made to the second ‘g’ and the ‘l’ of the logo, which have both been moved by just a couple of pixels, reportedly to bring the bottom of the ‘l’ properly into line with the bottom of the ‘e’. The colours have also reportedly been changed, albeit very slightly, on all letters of the famous logo.
The change was reported by a user on Reddit who only noticed the difference based on the location of the image file. He stated: “The end of the url of the image location changed from “logo10w” to a “logo11w”. Its amazing how such a simple change can make news around the world – thus is the power of our favourite search engine!

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