Caunce O'Hara


  • 144% increase in online driven revenue
  • 178% increase in conversion rate
  • 179% increase in the number of unique purchases from organic search
  • 44 keywords on page 1 of Google results
  • 23 keywords in top 5 positions in Google


Founded in 1995, Caunce O’Hara are now one of the UK’s leading commercial insurance brokers, specialising in business insurance and risk management services for entities from SME companies and freelancers, to large corporates and high net worth individuals. As an early adopter of technology in professional services, Caunce O’Hara were one of the first insurance brokers in the UK to offer the direct sale of insurance policies online.

The Brief

Red Cow Media were instructed to begin work on the Caunce O’Hara website due to a dramatic fall off in site visitors and online sales following the launch of a new website the previous year. We were tasked with developing a digital marketing strategy that would see the return of previous website traffic and revenue levels, and then increasing upon them once previous levels were restored. Due to the steep decline, we set about our strategy in a way that would deliver improvements in the mid to long term, as well as delivering immediate improvements to the traffic and revenue to combat the decreases that had been seen. We were tasked with the improvement of the freelancer insurance section of the business as a priority, as well as improving online visibility for professional indemnity.

We set out to achieve the brief using the following digital marketing channels:

  • SEO – to recover and then build upon lost organic visibility
  • PPC – to deliver traffic and revenue in the short term
  • Paid Social Media – to increase awareness of the Caunce O’Hara brand and deliver short term results at a lower Cost Per Acquisiton
  • Retargeting – to improve conversion rate and increase revenue

The Results

"Red Cow were an incredible strategic partner for Caunce O'Hara. They went above and beyond our expectations and not only recovered our previous levels of traffic and revenue following on from a disastrous website migration, but built upon previous levels to an extremely impressive extent, all within a much shorter time frame than anticipated."

Natalie Albert, Commercial Director - Caunce O'Hara

Within just the first 4 months of the digital marketing campaign, there were already vast improvements to the SEO of the Caunce O’Hara website, with revenue from organic search having increased by 5x when compared with the previous year – which was also before the site migration and loss in visibility.

Within the space of a year, the digital marketing activity had been responsible for a phenomenal 144% increase in online revenue of insurance policies, with particular increases for online sales of professional indemnity insurance of 181%.



The increases in the number of unique purchases as a result of the SEO work on the website was also impressive, with a 179% improvement year on year. This was due to the improvements seen in rankings for keywords that were identified as directly relevant, with 44 keywords positioned on page 1 of Google, and 23 of those keywords occupying top 5 positions. The direct relevancy of the selected keywords saw a 178% rise in conversion rate.