Arighi Bianchi


  • 81% decrease in cost per sale
  • 445% increase in online transactions
  • 206% increase in online revenue
  • 98% increase in new users
  • 87% increase in sessions
  • 191% increase in conversion rate
  • 10.5x return on investment from social media advertising
  • 11x return on investment from SEO
  • 6x return on investment from Google Ads
  • 19.8x return on investment from retargeting
  • 8x overall return on investment


Arighi Bianchi are a prominent high-end furniture company who first came to us at the start of 2019 having spent 2 years with their previous agency. Up to this point, the results they had seen from digital marketing had been moderate and with varying degrees of success. The client felt that they could be doing better and were looking to increase their online revenue, as well as adding to their existing traffic channels. We were tasked with reviewing the current digital marketing campaigns and putting together a new strategy to help them achieve further growth online.

During our initial review of the digital marketing campaigns, it became clear that there was a significant amount of wasted budget that could be better used elsewhere, or alternatively result in an overall saving whilst not impacting results. We worked out how much this wastage amounted to, and created a new strategy to tighten up their campaigns and make them much more profitable. We also incorporated a new remarketing strategy using a dedicated platform which was much more targeted and more closely aligned to the customer journey.

In addition to revamping the existing campaigns across PPC, display and social media advertising, we also developed and implemented an SEO campaign. This included an overhaul of the website usability, technical optimisation, on-page optimisation, site-wide content review and optimisation, and an ongoing link and content strategy.