Viral Video of the Week – 24th of July

Stephen McCance July 24, 2015

MTV put an intelligent spin on a controversial topic

Race is a touchy subject in the USA at the moment. Recent atrocities by the police have led to large scale protests across the country, segregation is rife and innocent lives have been lost. Cue MTV’s ‘White Squad’ video.

Satire is a refreshing tonic in times of difficulty and this 90 second video really brings a smile to your face. MTV are currently running an anti-prejudice initiative labelled “Look Different” which has gone down a storm on both traditional and social media.

The video plays on racial stereotypes, presenting an ‘injury lawyers for you’ style team offering assistance to non-white people. The familiarity of the situations portrayed will hit a chord with most people. If ‘White Squad’ makes you feel uncomfortable…the creatives at MTV have achieved.


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