Red Cow Ranked In Top SEO Agencies In The UK

Stephen McCance January 30, 2019

Red Cow Media was originally set up to do things a bit differently. We set out to challenge the ‘normal’ practices that had become ingrained into SEO agencies, and to eradicate as many of the frustrations that we experienced with agencies ourselves when we were on the other side of the fence working with them. We wanted to create a client-centric SEO agency, where reports were meaningful, tangible results were achieved, and service was based on real knowledge rather than jargon and blag.

With this being the case, 2019 has already seen what we consider to be a noteworthy achievement for Red Cow. We’re extremely proud to have been recognised as being amongst the top B2B service providers in the UK by independent review website Clutch, as well as being their top ranked SEO agency in Manchester. The reason for this being such an achievement is that it’s an accolade that has been awarded based on in-depth, verified reviews from people who have actually worked with us, and who have taken the time to provide detailed feedback.

What is Clutch?

Clutch rank companies based on a number of factors which come together to form an aggregate score of each company’s performance overall. All of this information is taken from those who know best, our clients. Far from being just another online review website, Clutch individually contacts each reviewer and conducts telephone interviews that include questions around results achieved, communication, project management and depth of knowledge. As the interviews are conducted by a third party, all discussions are completely independent of any involvement from us, and reviewers are encouraged to give a truthful and accurate account of their experiences. Here’s what some of our clients said about us during their interviews:

What our clients said:

“Our organic traffic has increased by 128%, our conversion rate is up, and our domain authority has also improved. Ever since hiring them, the quality of the traffic into our site is much better and more targeted. They’re easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. The entire team is personable and approachable, unlike many other firms.”

“They’ve gone above and beyond our needs. The team became involved with every aspect of the website, including its relaunch. They provided regular updates, training, and industry insights. We’ve never had an issue with Red Cow Media.”

“In the past, we’ve had poor experiences with SEO agencies because they didn’t deliver the expected results. We had heard of Red Cow Media from their stellar reputation in both America and the U.K. Their portfolio and references, as well as the breadth of their knowledge, impressed us.”

“In our initial meeting, their team was welcoming and approachable. They promised high-quality results, and they delivered.”

Thank you to our clients for providing such glowing references of our work and our team. We’re so pleased that our commitment and dedication to being the best digital marketing agency that we can is reflected in the service that we provide, and we’re delighted to be within the top 50.

The full reviews can be seen on our Clutch profile, and the full list of the Top UK B2B companies can be seen here.

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