How Important is Mobile Responsive Website Design?

Stephen McCance July 16, 2014

Within the past year alone, over 34% of the UK population have made a purchase online via a mobile device, including their phone or an tablet. On the flipside of this, it has been reported that a whopping 88% of those mobile shoppers have had a poor experience whilst making their purchase. These statistics really do make you wonder why companies, and particularly online retailers, are sometimes reluctant to invest in mobile optimised websites.

The vast majority of poor mobile shopping experiences come from the website not being mobile responsive, meaning users have to zoom in to see any text or to click on links within the site, and, as though that wasn’t tedious enough, it happens every time a new page loads. Aside from being a terrible experience for the user, this contributes to high bounce rates and low conversions, which ultimately result in a loss of online sales. The best way to ensure your site offers a positive mobile experience is to get it mobile optimised from the beginning by engaging experienced developers who are able to set it up correctly to display on mobile devices. Optimising your site for mobile after the initial build can sometimes be costly.

A mobile responsive website differs in build from a traditional site in a number of ways including design, build, user experience and testing, so it pays to engage a web development company who are well versed in mobile development and the required practices, including the differences in development and design style.

In terms of return on investment, making your website mobile responsive during the initial build is one of the most cost effective ways to ensure your potential customers don’t go elsewhere to make their purchase by reducing your bounce rate from mobile devices.

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