Can Your Restaurant Afford Not to be Using SEO?

Stephen McCance March 12, 2015

There isn’t a restaurant out there, that wouldn’t welcome new customers. After all, isn’t that the reason you opened your doors in the first place? And with over 11,000 searches a month relating to eating out in Manchester, can your bar or restaurant afford to be missing out on reaching these potential customers?

There are close to 400 restaurants in Manchester alone, making it one of the most competitive areas to conquer. So making sure your company is visible within search engines could be the making or breaking of your business. Not only will you see a clear rise in the traffic to your website, but you get more clients into your venue. From a business perspective, using SEO is important in today’s uber competitive market. It is an avenue where you can grow your business and build loyal relationships with customers that could potentially have never discovered your restaurant in the first place.

One of our clients within the hospitality and catering sector, eastZeast, quickly climbed the rankings for Indian dining, across several locations following our bespoke SEO campaign. This then in turn resulted in massive increases in traffic and visits to each one of their restaurants, making them one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Manchester.

Unfortunately, as with other business sectors, people often make the mistake of thinking that building a good website will attract traffic and in turn result in conversions – but this isn’t always the case. Whilst most new websites are setup to be search engine friendly, it won’t guarantee you ranking highly, without maintaining solid SEO strategy following the launch of your website.

Having an SEO strategy in place will ensure you solidify a prominent position within search engines, potentially giving you the ability to outperform competitors and drive both new and returning customers through your doors – And with even some of Manchester’s top restaurants failing to make it to the top ten results in Google, think of the potential your business could have with a good campaign.

The use of SEO doesn’t produce instant results, so the sooner you start, the better you will be in the long term!

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