Team Spotlight: Hassan Saeed, PPC Manager

Posted on Sep 11, 2017 | General
Team Spotlight: Hassan Saeed, PPC Manager
Hassan Saeed joined the Red Cow Media team back in June and has been getting stuck into our client paid search accounts. Here's a bit more about him and what he's been doing so far.

Having come to us from Google’s Leeds office, he’s been using his inside knowledge to our clients’ advantage and has already made some incredible improvements to PPC campaigns using a new depth of knowledge of the AdWords platform and its subsidiaries. Here you can find out a bit more about our new Paid Search Manager, and some of his achievement for clients so far.


About Hassan

Originally hailing from Bradford, West Yorkshire, Hassan is a graduate of Leeds Beckett University, where he studied for a degree in Marketing and gained a 2:1 upon graduation in 2015. This field of study was a natural one to take, as marketing has been a passion of his since he studied it at A level as part of a business studies class. He went down the PPC route after discovering that he had a natural ability for such a dynamic and fast-moving method of online marketing, and he takes enjoyment from methodically segmenting campaigns, both of which lend themselves well to a career in paid search.

A little known fact about Hassan is that he’s partially sighted. Having been so all his life, Hassan has worked incredibly hard to overcome any difficulties and doesn’t let it stand in his way, making him an inspiration to others with similar disabilities who want to carve out a successful career.


Google experience

Gaining a job at Google’s office in Leeds straight out of university, Hassan’s naturally friendly and approachable manner helped him develop and progress through the ranks whilst working for the world’s most popular search engine. Holding positions within Google as an AdWords strategist, as well as a Campaign Specialist, he has unrivalled knowledge of Google best practices and methodologies that allow him to get the best from any PPC campaign. Since joining us, he has used this knowledge and skill to the benefit of our clients and given further insight into campaigns to push them even further.


Client campaign success

Having joined the team a number of months ago, Hassan has already made a significant impact on our paid search client results. Using the insight gained from working at Google, he has implemented changes and recommendations to some client campaigns with excellent results. A property based client has seen an increase in conversions of over 120% in a month, as well as increased clicks, better click through rate and cheaper cost per click, whilst a dental client has had an increase in conversions of 35% from July to August. One of our ecommerce fashion clients has also seen their sales and revenue increase dramatically (by 40%) with the re-vamp of their Google Shopping feed.

You can read more about Hassan on our team page , or on his Back to blog >>